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Male Pattern Baby Baldness

Posted on: February 4, 2010

Is it time for a haircut? Well no, I don’t think Niko’s quite ready for that yet. But our cute little babe continues to show signs of male pattern baby baldness. And seeing as time just keeps ticking away the signs are increasing dramatically.  I mean he’s only got about 20 thin little wisps that just float around on top of his head, sticking pretty much straight up, in their approximately three inches of hairy glory. Then around the base of his head and going from ear to ear his hair is thicker and longer as well, creating a sort of hairy crown, if you will.  The undergrowth on top of his head is also starting to come in and it looks to be blondish in colour and is now about half a centimetre long and looks pretty fuzzy. All in all, Niko’s got a pretty stylin’ do! And for now it will remain intact, unless nature takes its course and forces all the long guys to fall out!

Note 1: Click on the picture to see an enlarged version of his balding pattern. This was the best image I could get of the wisps.

Note 2: To see the thicker and longer hair that frames the base of his head more clearly, click here and take a look at the pics.

4 Responses to "Male Pattern Baby Baldness"

[…] hair do is ever changing. Just a few weeks ago he was nearing complete baldness, except for a few long strands left over from his birth. Now, he sports a complete head of fuzzy hair, which seems to be thickening […]

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[…] he couldn’t’ help but smile as he glided through the air, with the wind blowing through his wisps. When I was a kid my favourite thing at the park was the swings – it’s just such a good […]

[…] full head of dark, almost black hair. He gradually lost most of those first baby hairs, except for a few long wisps that still remain today. In January he was almost completely bald, and has gradually regained a […]

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