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It’s been a while since I posted any videos. It’s not that I haven’t been taking any, it’s just finding  time to scroll through them, choose my favs, upload them to YouTube and then write about it, takes a little time and brain power: neither of which I have  much of an extra supply of these days.  Yah, this whole “working full time outside of the house” gig sure is cutting into my blogging time. Geesh. Anyway, below are a few links to some of the latest Niko vids. Enjoy.

September 2010

Baby Niko Walks for the First Time (0:14)

  • Ok, ok, I realize he’s not actually walking unassisted, but he is walking independent of Mama and Dada by holding on to and pushing a toy walker. Go Niko Go!

August 2010

Baby Niko Plays with Frasier the Poodle (1:03)

  • On this particular day, Niko discovered Frasier’s toy and for the first time used it to entice Frasier to play.

Baby Niko Finds the Poodle (0:31)

  • This may not sound like much, but when Niko finally showed that he understood who and where Frasier was, it was a big deal to us, his trusty parents.

Baby Niko Laughs at a Strange Noise (0:57)

  • ‘Nuff said. Who can resist a laughing Niko baby? I think I detect a flavour of a fake laugh here too? Is that even possible for a baby? At one point Niko laughs so hard it looks like he’s going to choke on his giggles…

As I mentioned before, Little Niko celebrated his first full journey around the sun this past week, and last weekend he had a birthday party. I was torn about what sort of cake to make and had been inspired by my friend’s sister-in-law’s monkey cake, but when I looked at the cake molds at Bulk Barn I was too overwhelmed by all the icing that would lie ahead if I chose that route. In the end I took a version of my mom’s suggestion and baked a cake, iced it, added sprinkles, plastic farm animals, a single candle, and *voila* birthday cake numero uno was complete.

On Niko’s big day we celebrated with friends and family and when it came time for the singing Niko showed signs of worry as he seemed to wonder why everyone was singing and looking at him. His eyes welled up, although he didn’t cry, just maintained a concerned look right up until he sunk his tiny hand into the sprinkly icy rectangle that was placed in front of him. Basically he had no clue what was going on, but seemed to enjoy getting a handful of icing. At one point during the festivities we tried to organize a kid shot – the oldest being almost three and the youngest just six months. It was a challenge to get everyone sitting and looking at the camera, but we did get a few somewhat passable versions. Actually they quite clearly document the reality of the moment. Capturing eight little monkeys in one picture is no easy task.

One day last week Little N-Bomb’s had his first birthday, and on that particular morning I found myself reflecting on what a year of transition it’s been. Can you blame me for the reflecting? I mean what else is a gal to do when stuck in a standstill of traffic and enveloped by exhaust fumes at only 8 am in the morning? Seriously, the radio can only get me so far and then I am left to my own entertainment devices, which when behind the wheel of my car are basically just the thoughts in my head.

Anyway on Niko’s birthday, I couldn’t help but think about how exactly one year before I had gone in to labour, ended up with a C-section and Little Niko had been born pretty much right around 8 am. Only for him to be taken by the nurse, poked, prodded, weighed, and swaddled and then brought back to me by a woman wearing a face mask and concern in her eyes. Yup, I only got to hold the little tike, all 5 lbs 15 ounces of him, for about two minutes before he was whisked away to the NICU. Such is life. But those two minutes were glorious. He just felt so light and cuddly my arms and of course we have a few pics to prove it, courtesy of our lovely anesthesiologist.

So Niko is one. And for that matter we’re all a year older, but one seems somehow more significant than thirty-something (yes, that’s thirty-something because I often forget just how old I am, which again leads to the insignificance of the age…). I actually do forget though. Sometimes I have to think of my year of birth, and then count out from there to get my exact age. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do know my age, but other times I just really can’t recall it (too quickly). But I digress. Little Niko is one now and there will be pics to follow. After all, you can’t turn one without a round of Happy Birthday and some cake (even if you don’t like the singing or the cake, as Niko quite visibly demonstrated at his party…).

SAHM I am, (not anymore). If you’re another bloggy mommy reading this post you’ll know exactly what I’m writing about when I reference SAHM, and if you’re just some random person, friend or family member you may be wondering WTH? (And for that matter now may be wondering about WTH, too?) Well, even the bloggy mommy’s might not be familiar with that one. Basically it’s my G Rated version of the more profane MSN lingo – buy my WTH simply means “what the heck”. And SAHM? Stay at Home Mom.

So yes, WTH!  I was officially back to work last week, and my maternity vacation leave with Niko officially ended. How, I wonder? How did this happen? Well, that’s life for you. One day simply falls after another and before you know it a whole year has gone by and here I am back to battling rush hour and trying to get to work on time. Back to primping myself in the early morning: goodbye, lazy pajama mornings, au revoir bloggy mornings, and adios to my constant one on one time with the little monkey that has grown closer and closer to my heart by the day hour minute  – aka Niko. *Sniff sniff.*

Alas, such is life. And really we are SO lucky in Canada to have a whole year off, to bond and ease ourselves into this crazy world of parenting. I mean my sister-in-law had to go back to work after only three months, and that was longer than most people get in the States.  Usually it’s something like six weeks or basically the time it takes to blink in that first rush of bringing home the new baby.  So, I’m not complaining. I know I’ve been very lucky to have shared all this time with my little tyke. So lucky. So many memories. Wow, what a great year it’s been. And now, a new chapter begins. Niko’s new life in daycare. My life as a WOTHM: but there has to be a better acronym than that.  Yes, now I’m a working outside the house mom, not just a working mom (WM), because isn’t that what I’ve been doing all of last year anyway? Yup, now I’m a mom that faces the traffic, packs her babe up in the morning and rushes out the door to the real world, or at least the world that is my current reality.

As it turns out, our little guy loves to dance, and has taken to showing off his three signature dance moves any chance he gets, which is basically any time he hears music coming from the radio or TV. (Yes, he even grooves to commercials.) When he hears music from the radio, he crawls up to the chest it’s sitting on, stands up, braces himself with one hand, all the while increasing the volume with the other, and just boogies down, with a huge grin to boot.

His three signature moves consist of the following:

  • bouncing up and down (anywhere from bouncing just an inch or two, to crouching all the way down and standing back up) with alternating speeds
  • swiveling his head (and not necessarily in time to the music) from side to side, turning it a complete 180 degrees, at times super quickly and at times taking a more leisurely approach
  • standing in spot with one foot, while tapping the other foot back and forth between the centre and side.

What a little dance machine. And like I said, as of last week this has become a daily occurrence. Maybe it’s a reflection of all the dancing I’ve done with him since he was born. You know, when you hear a song on the radio that you can’t help but groove too? Well he’s been my constant dance partner since last September and now he seems to have developed his own style and some dancing independence.

Dance on little one, dance on.

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