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winterrunningIt feels like springtime in Ottawa. So really, is there any better time to take up winter running, than when it actually feels like spring? Yah, it’s not exactly spring, seeing as it’s January 10th! But with the temperatures we’ve been having, 4 degrees and rainy this weekend, it sort of has that early spring vibe. Except for that blanket of snow covering the grass, and the huge banks of snow lining the streets. But other than those small details, spring is upon us! At least that’s what I’m telling myself, to help mentally prepare for the great undertaking of  “Winter Running”. And I love running, just not in the winter. That is, until this winter. I like the solace. I like the sound of my shoes on the pavement. I like the exercise. I like being outdoors. I could go on. But for me, running has always been a spring to early fall activity. Just couldn’t mentally wrap my head around the below zero temps.

However, over the Christmas break I noticed several runners out and about, jogging the Ottawa streets as if it was no big deal. Day after day. I saw them, yes THEM. Not just one crazy runner on one lonely street, but several runners, on several streets. So this got me thinking… If they can do it, why not me? I think you just need the right gear, and the right attitude, and voila you’ve got a recipe for successful winter running. Thankfully, my mama, for some reason already had me pegged as a winter runner. She’d given me a running toque for my birthday in November, and a running belt for Christmas. Anyway, after seeing those runners, and realizing I had the physical gear, and was developing the mental chops, I decided to get out and about and ran 10km on Saturday afternoon. It was a gray day, and it started raining halfway through, but with my toque on my head and Songza streaming from my phone – hello “Headbands & Legwarmers: 80s Workout” playlist, – not even a double soaker got me down! And you know what, I liked winter running, but maybe that’s in part because of the unseasonable temps. We’ll see what next weekend holds, both for temperatures and stamina.

run 1

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