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What “They” Say

Posted on: February 5, 2010

They say you should just let your baby cry it out. They say you should comfort your crying baby. They say get him on a schedule. They say get him on a routine. They say so many darn things it’s hard to decipher what’s going to work for you and your baby!

Like I’ve mentioned before, there is a flurry of dizzying information out there about how to be a parent in the right way.  And I have noticed over the last few months that sometimes what one source says conflicts with another.  My friend Traci and I have this joke about what they say. Neither one of us is big on reading about parenting, but as a new parent you sort of do get caught up in at least a book or article or something for guidance every once in a while. Anyway, whenever we get talking about parenting we’ll phrase what we’ve read or heard by saying, “You know, they say…”. And by they we mean any one of a million different sources: it’s just what they say, and they always seem to think that what they say will work for you!

They say that babies over 11lbs should be able to sleep through the night??? They say that you can start feeding your child solids at four months. They say solids should only be introduced at six months. They say that you should only bathe your child every other day. They say … blah blah blah! I mean we all want to be good parents, but if we listen to everything they say we’ll end up going in a million different directions and that can’t be good for anyone, right?!

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You are absolutely right! We, as new parents, will drive ourselves nuts if we continue to read one source after another. There is no such thing as a “textbook” baby, every baby is different. So, stick to what works for you and your baby and enjoy each other tremendously.

you know we should write our own book –

“There is no such thing as a “textbook” baby, every baby is different. So, stick to what works for you and your baby and enjoy each other tremendously.”

That would be it! I think it would sell millions 🙂

thanks for the comment

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