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After. School. Activities. Not a new concept but one I have yet to master. Well it doesn’t even have to be mastery, just cope with would be OK too.

After. School. Activities. This is something normal people do, right? People just like me and you. I know its true because the Tae Kwon Do studio is full of kids. Surely they have all just come home from school and their parents from work? Yes, I know its true. These normal people have registered their kids for after school activities. And here they are acting all nice and normal in the dojang. The parent waiting area is full of normal people carrying on friendly conversations about their kids or they day at work. They are sipping the free coffee and smiling and watching their kids through the glass window.

I too am sipping the free coffee. I too am watching my kids through the glass. I too appear to be a nice normal person and sitting here I kind of feel like one. But my two year old requires a lot of attention. So as I sit here looking somewhat harried normal, I am also keeping half an eye on my smallest monkey sweetheart. Making sure her crying and demands aren’t bothering the other parents too much, who seem just delighted to be here.

Actually being here isn’t really the hard part. It’s getting out the door by 5 pm. Only half an hour after my little darlings get home from school. Its cleaning up the breakfast dishes before we scoot out the door. I could go on… And then it’s the aftermath. We get home by 6:30 and we’ve got to eat.

This Thursday my husband had the plates ready when we got home. Got to love teamwork. But once we got there, micro madness ensued. I think all three kids were crying within about 7 minutes. For various and equally unwarranted reasons. Borys had only to take one look at my face before he said “Why don’t you just go upstairs and take a break.” Me? A sigh of relief and 5 seconds, and I was up the stairs! I could still hear the crying but it was muffled by the distance and my firmly closed bedroom door.

Five minutes later the crying was fading and my husband came up to join me. “Is this where the sane people hang out?” And we shared a nice normal laugh.

Next week? I think it’s cereal for supper at 4:30. Sounds pretty normal to me…


Stella got her white belt!


So did Niko!

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