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Niko’s latest accomplishment? Clapping his hands (well, sort of). It’s more like he bangs them on the table or his high chair or his lap, and sometimes even together. But what really gets him going is If You’re Happy and You Know It or Patty Cake. Sometimes he understands what to do and sometimes he doesn’t but it’s so cute to see him concentrating so hard to clap his hands and then see the huge smile that follows after he’s successful!

Lately in the morning, shortly after I hear his first wakeful chirps, I will just lie in bed awaiting his next move. Will it be crying, more chirps or some hand clapping? And more often than not, it’s the hand clapping. It will be all quiet and then I’ll just hear his two little palms smacking against each other from the other room, and when I go to see him, he’s just lying there smiling, wiggling and clapping. Too cute!

Note 1: To see a short video showing the amazingness of Niko’s utter glee and concentration at clapping his hands, click here.

(PS – I am aware that he’s wearing a Christmas bib in the video and it’s May, but when you’ve got a 24/7 drooler on your hands, you just use whatever’s available!)

Note 2: After posting Niko’s If You’re Happy and You Know It clapping video on YouTube,  I now realize I am not the only parent with this idea. There are so many videos of babies clapping along while their mommies sing the song, and it’s sort of neat to see the short clips and hear all the different voices and accents that the mommies sing in.

If Niko took on a superhero persona it would have to be Super Bibby. This name, in fact, may not sound so super, but sometimes he sports his bib in a real super way. Picture it: his bib naturally turned 90 degrees and falling off to the side of his neck, creating a cape-like look of sorts. I can just imagine him flying around the universe, battling for good, one baby fist forward, with his bib-cape flapping off to the side…

PS – Do I have too much time on my hands? Hmm… Actually, NO! We’ve got the real estate wheels turning, and it’s super time consuming, but I just can’t seem to leave my blog alone…

Note: I had taken pics of Super Bibby on three different days, but seem to have lost some of them in the real estate whirlwind. So, for now, it’s Super Bibby on just one day, but you get the idea…

As a gift, Niko was given a set of spoons: the theory being that while the parent is feeding the baby, the baby can also hold onto a spoon and practice feeding himself. In Niko’s case however, he just likes to get a hold of both spoons. I think he realizes that the one that he’s holding doesn’t actually have food on it, so eventually he tries to grab the food spoon and then drops (usually on the floor) the other one. And this cycle continues throughout the whole feeding.

It starts off like this: I will put the spoon to his mouth and within the first few bites two slippery little hands will reach up to mine and hijack the spoon. Slippery because they inevitably get covered in cereal or whatever the delicacy of the moment is. But he’s learning, right? His hand eye coordination is improving and that’s a good thing. Usually by the end of the meal, my hands equal Niko’s in slipperiness due to his little ones rubbing the cereal over mine when he reaches for the spoon(s). Fun.

If you’re wondering what that dark stuff is that he’s eating, well let’s just saw we are still strong supporters of the benefits of prunes! Which leads me to wonder: Why do prunes have such a bad reputation? Is it because of the job they do? I mean all they’re doing is benefiting mankind in a natural way, and yet they take the brunt of many food jokes. Poor little prunes. And come on, if you’ve ever tasted them, they’re actually good. Admit it.

Update: Just last week Little Niko Man was testing my patience by chewing the lip of his bib every time he sat down to eat. Now. that habit seems to have completely disappeared. It’s crazy how you can be all consumed by one thing one week and the next week it’s not even an issue.

Eventually the time will come when disciplining your little darling is necessary. It teaches him/her about limitations and the difference between right and wrong. I don’t think good behaviour is necessarily inherent: it needs to be taught. But when is the right time to start? Is six months too young? In my opinion, no. I guess it just depends on what type of discipline is used. For example, at this stage in the game grounding him might be a little over the top. You may be wondering what reason there could possibly be to discipline a six month old? But maybe discipline is too harsh a word: perhaps redirecting fits the bill better.

Here’s the situation: Niko has taken to chewing his bib, A LOT. Picture waterfalls of food onto the floor, onto his clothes, etc. – not a pretty site. At first I was just telling him in a sweet voice, “Put your little bib down. Please put your bib down little angel.” But this hasn’t worked at all. So last night I resorted to the “No” word. However, I want to be conscious of how I use this word – I don’t want to say “no” all the time, or it becomes meaningless. I would rather tell him a better option for his behaviour as opposed to just saying “no”, or “stop doing that”; giving him an option, shows him the correct way to behave while curbing the unwanted behaviour.  But at six months, when his understanding of language is so limited, the sweet redirection of “Put your little bib down.”, didn’t seem to be doing the trick.

And let me just clarify, that it is not so much the mess that I am trying to prevent – I mean every time he eats it’s a disaster: he basically gives himself a face mask of cereal, rubbing it in to his cheeks, his temples, his eyebrows, you name it. And when he reaches for the spoon I encourage him to feed himself, which creates even more of a mess – on the floor, on his clothes, etc. But these behaviours are all experimental and positive: he’s learning about food and the experience of eating. The difference with dumping his bib is that it’s not something I want him practice or learn. So, my solution?  A somewhat severe “No”, followed by a shake of my head and a (mini) teacher eye. He looked at me as if to say, “Oh my goodness. What’s going on?” And he sort of froze, stopped the bib business, and went back to eating without his bib in his mouth. So I praised him for his good habits, with lots of smiles and kisses.

But it seems Niko’s sort of like a goldfish at this point – he continued to put the lip of his bib to his mouth countless more times, but each time I stood firm with my “No” and pulled his bib away. I guess time will tell if my little rebel responds to this redirection or not.

Update: Tonight during supper Niko continued to eat his bib whenever he could (basically every five seconds or so). Borys’ response? “Shouldn’t we just let the little guy express himself as he pleases?”

As I was feeding Niko barley cereal with a dash of prunes this morning, I had to do a double take when I thought I caught a glimpse of a second tooth. I couldn’t be sure, but upon further inspection my observation proved correct: a second tooth had sprouted up right beside his first one. It seems that the Tooth Fairy cast her spell in the overnight and Niko woke up with tooth numero deux today.

I say teeth, and teeth they are, but they are still super tiny, probably only about 2 mm for the first one and even less for the second. Furthermore, these elusive little teeth are proving difficult to catch on camera, but pictures will be posted as soon as I can get a clear shot. So, when are we supposed to start brushing this little puppies?

PS – I am aware that the Tooth Fairy is usually the one who takes teeth away but in this case, I swear she’s the one who dropped them off.

Note: Contrary to the cartoon below, Niko does not seemed to be bothered by teething. The only sign he shows is a steady river of drool.

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The rivers of drool (I think Niko went through at least five bibs yesterday) that have been flowing from our little guy’s mouth seem to have amounted to something in the overnight. As far as I can tell, the baby tooth fairy came for a visit.

While Niko was chomping on my finger this morning I sensed something other than the usual smooth gum line: a ridge, a peek, something jagged, not the usual. But do you think I can get a look at what’s there? Not a chance. Every time I try to see, Niko moves his head or tongue around so it becomes impossible, but I can feel it. I am just not sure if the white tip has poked it’s way through or if it is just getting ready to do so. Either way, we’ve entered a whole new world here, and there’s no going back. I guess it’s time to get Niko a toothbrush.

What is with the consistency of that excuse for cereal that we feed our babes?

What I mean is, it sticks to everything! Even after wiping the Sweet Little N Man’s face once, twice and maybe even three times, I will take him out of his high chair, bring him to another room and in another light I see yet more rice, barley or oat cereal (whatever the delicious flavour of the morning may be), caked in his eyebrows or shining on his temple. And still after that – it can be later in the afternoon even, I will find more, glued to him somewhere – sort of a baby gel, but less stylish and more tasty? Furthermore, if I ever need glue and am all out, I think this mush could moonlight quite nicely.

To add to the fun, Niko’s taken to chewing his bib between bites, despite my never ending attempts to coax him from this habit: “OK sweetie-pie, put your little bib down. Put your bib down. PLEASE put your bib down, sweet little angel…”. He actually lifts the lip part of bib, that has caught all the renegades, up to his mouth, which results in a lovely soup mix on the floor. Thank goodness for wet mops, a.k.a. dogs like Frasier! xx

They came in droves. They came with outfits, they came as gifts, they came as hand-me-downs: when Niko was first born, I wondered what the heck I was going to do with all the baby bibs that kept pouring in. As a newborn he really didn’t need them: we used receiving blankets for post feed burping and drooling was non-existent. But now, now I see the beauty in having a lot of bibs.

The drool days are here, and Niko pretty much has a steady stream of drool in one form or another all day. So, he’s taken to making a fashion statement of sorts, frequently changing his bib, just as a celebrity would make a wardrobe change, channeling all his buddies from Mommy’s In Touch magazine. I mean, he will easily go through two, three or four bibs in one day, happily filling them with slobber and drool from the stream of bubbles he has gotten so good at blowing.

Does this mean teeth are in the near future? I’m not sure I’m ready for baby teeth! Although, I bet he’ll look pretty darn cute once those little white tips start peeking through his gums.

Well we did it! Rice cereal went down the hatch on March 1st: Niko’s five and a half month mark.  I had been thinking about it for a while, so following my own instincts and with the encouragement of a few other mommy friends, Niko got his first taste of solids yesterday. Solids though? Really? I am not so sure rice cereal can be classified as a solid seeing as what it really is, is a gooey mess! I am pretty sure half of Niko’s portion ended up on his bib, but he seemed to liked it. And how do I know he liked it? There were lots of tell tale signs.

1) I couldn’t seem to serve it up fast enough. If I took too long the ensuing, “ehh, ehh, ehh” could be heard coming from dis darling mouth. And with each “ehh” the pitch, insistence and impatience grew.

2) He gobbled up the whole serving (except for the part that clung to his bib), and even reached for the spoon to try to feed himself.

So I guess our little guy is growing up. I think part of the reason I wanted to hold off on rice cereal was because I don’t want to rush him, and selfishly just want him to be “baby baby” for as long as possible. Secondly, the mess produced by solids: on his face, up his nose, on his chair, in his eyebrows, you name it, well that’s a mess I’m not really looking forward to seeing everyday! But seeing as the mess will be produced by “my little messer”, then I guess it’s not so bad.

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