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It turns out that Niko loves the snow. Today it was plus five here, but seeing as we live in the depths of a frigid city, our lawn is still covered with snow and the snowbanks at the side of the road reach upwards from five feet. The warmer temperatures over the last few days have caused a lot of the white covering to melt, but mostly just to melt into itself, leaving a crusty layer of snow everywhere. You know the type that’s grainy and crunchy, with a possible layer of ice just beneath the surface. Well these are the conditions outside. And despite the warmer temperatures I bundled up little Niko to the nines: snowsuit, neck warmer, hat, mitts and winter boots (sans socks because that’s just how he likes to swing it these days.)

So him bundled and me in my jacket we headed out on the road with Frasier. It was once we got home, that I tested Niko out in one of the snowbanks (the one at the edge of our walkway, not the one at the side of the road, just in case you were wondering) and when he touched the snow his little eyes looked up at me shining, shining with the glee of the cold, and the innocent pleasure of the experience. At times he just lay his face on the grainy covering, going for a snow facial of sorts. It was then that I thought he might be startled or start crying, but he just surprised me by looking up with light in his eyes and a grin on his face, expressing his sheer enjoyment in the cool sensation. So I watched him for about 20 minutes while he got up, walked around, picked up sticks and all in all just had a great time in this mid-March excuse for snow.

Do I have a future bobsledder on my hands? Who can tell for sure? But I definitely have a present day winter enthusiast. And with such a hankering for the snow maybe this means he’ll be primed for shoveling…next year?  Not that there’ll be a choice in that matter. So it’s going to be a snow shovel for Christmas, I guess. I love early shopping ideas…

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