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Looking for and (on most days) finding the humour in raising a toddler: blogger, wife, mama, educator, lover of life, dogs and pedicures.

On the distant horizon? Ironman, Porsche, and cycling across Canada (probably in that order).

PS – I read somewhere that if you write down your goals you’re more likely to achieve them! Yah for being half way there, and I haven’t even started training or saving yet…

Me and Niko

Picture: October 2009

22 Responses to "About Alli"

Just read the 3 am Daddy! Borys is exceptional in doing those 3 am feeds …or is that the trend of the modern Dad!! Had a wonderful stay with the 3 of you! Love you! Mom xxoo

Hey Alli, nice blog! Niko is beautiful, many congrats again and see you soon!

I see that motherhood has not slowed down your “party” gene. Glad to see that you are still getting out on the town, both with and without Nico.
Nice web site, very humorous and true to life.

Tried to Skype little Nico today, but he refused my calls.

love Dad

Hey Dad,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message! We will have to set up a video Skype date sooner than later. xo

Hello Ally cattttttttttttttttty!,

Just wanted to say, how’s the blogging going! Are you blogging a lot. Do you think blogging is fun, do you ever get accused of being a blogger ’cause there jealous. Can blogging save mankind, prevent 2012 from happening, can you reach far into the matrix by way of blog. Does this message contain too many blogs. Are you capable of accepting this blog! Does blogging remind you of jello or a blob, of something or other. Can you Ally Cattty achieve the ultimate Blog, Yes I think so. You are on your way Ally, very beautiful pictures and now my BLOGGATIVE! Thank you vvvery much!! haha

From a purely personal perspective, 2012 is unpreventable and happening today! Thanks for the message and see you soon, A

yes you are correct birthday girl!!! Ally (mommy) Catttttttty

Alli Palli! This is an amazing blog. I’m impressed and so will Nico when he’s old enough to read what you wrote. Great pics and stories..keep em coming Alli yo!

Soooooo excited for you on the 12th…you should post your essay on this blog I really want to read it.

I’ll comment more later skater! Hope your bday rocks and Nico sleeps well for you on your special day! heehee…xo


Yah…I was thinking of posting the essay I wrote. I will do that closer to the date! And yes…I am pumped for it! I still want to get my uniform taken in a bit though, as it is an XL! Let’s talk soon, xo

Alli!!! This is such an awesome blog! You really should write a book – or just put all this together and then you already have one! I’m SO impressed…! love you! J

janice thanks for the visit and the positive feedback! always nice to hear! xx A

Hi Alli – I can’t remember if we have met. Maybe at J&K’s wedding. Anyway, K sent me your blog. I love it and read it religiously. We had a boy (our first as well) mid-December so it’s nice to read about someone else going through it all first… Right now I’m re-reading your older posts from when Niko was 3 months – it’s a way different read once you have your own kid. Congrats on Niko and have a wonderful spring. m

Hi Megan,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Congrats on your little guy – three months is a great age, because they are finally starting to become more interactive! I think a lot of parents probably go through similar situations with their little ones, and I am having fun documenting our (mis)adventures. :)Take care, A

Hey Ali,

Saw a FB posting and noticed you had a blog. I look forward to following your adventures with Borys and Niko. Congrats again.

Hey Ryan, Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment! Cheers, A

Hi Ali, thanks a lot for recommending my web site.

Sorry, I meant Alli 🙂

Love your Site and Service!

Hi Alli! Here, one more reason to say congrats to you: I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, because I really enjoy reading your blog.

Wow!!! Thank you so much. I am truly flattered! Thanks for checking out my blog and glad to hear you are enjoying it! 🙂

As silly and chainmail-ish as it may seem I have nomiated you for an award, because while you more then deserve it you blog means something special to me. Thanks 🙂

I’m so happy to find out you also have a blog! That’s awesome. The posts I’ve checked out so far are great. Looking forward to reading some more. Congrats on the newest little addition, too. That’s very exciting. Now they can all play together in the summer 🙂

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