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Niko’s hair do is ever changing. Just a few weeks ago he was nearing complete baldness, except for a few long strands left over from his birth. Now, he sports a complete head of fuzzy hair, which seems to be thickening each day, while the long guys continue to gain ground, aiming, I’m sure, for their full combover potential. I wonder if those long ones will ever fall out? Yesterday, Dziadzio asked me if I planned on cutting them, but I don’t. For now I like his hair in all its natural glory!

People forewarned us and I guess it was bound to happen;  little Niko is balding: receding and showing signs of male pattern (baby) baldness.  We don’t notice clumps of hair falling out or anything like that, but his hair style certainly has changed since the day he was born.  He used to have thick, almost dark black hair, and slowly over the last three months it has lightened up: lightened up so much that a lot of it has become invisible!? Ha!

At first I thought maybe it just looked like he was thinning out because his head was growing, forcing the hair follicles to be further and further apart.  But pictures don’t lie, and when I look back it is evident that our little man’s do is changing: and now that he’s got this new do we are afforded the opportunity to try many new hairstyles. Whereas before we were limited mainly to (attempts at) Mohawks, due to his baldness we can now try the ever popular comb-over – which seems to be the fashion among so many receding men. Or perhaps if he’s lucky we can ever go for a skullet.

Note: The pictures below were taken at about two weeks and three and a half months.

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