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Posted on: April 28, 2012

9 weeks in and my little guy’s interest in baking may be waning… (but my enthusiasm is still full tilt!). After only a few short moments in the kitchen, Niko spotted the Play-Doh containers and it was off to the table for a different kind of fun. Ah well, I can always count on the beaters, and mixing spoon to reel him back in.

Today I gave Niko a choice of two recipes. The debate was between Lemon-Poppy Seed Tea Bread and Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies. After showing him both pics I asked him which he preferred and his response was an enthusiastic “Cookies Mama!”. Like, duh! As if there could be any other option…

Lately we’ve been on a peanut butter kick, solely for the reason that my hubbie proclaimed his love for peanut butter cookies (who knew?). So good wifey that I am, I’ve been experimenting for him! (And truth be told, me…)

After last week’s peanut butter cookie debacle, I was ever so closely monitoring those “golden brown edges” that the recipe called for. And voila, peanut butter cookies to perfection!

My mods for my too hot oven: heat to 325 and bake for 10 minutes! Golden edges! Golden bottoms! Sweet delicousness! We even piped on the PB frosting as suggested in the recipe.



Week 1: Strawberry Cake

Week 2: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Week 3: Carrot Applesauce Cookies

Week 4: Lemon Yogurt Anything Cake

Week 5: Chocolate Chickpea Cookies

Week 6: Protein Packed Smoothies

Week 7: Berry-Almond Quick Bread

Week 8: Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Week 9: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies


Posted on: April 11, 2012

If you had asked me yesterday morning when the last time was that I had burned a hole in my pants from playing too hard, I would have had to really think about it. Maybe 25 years ago? My mom actually used to patch my jeans or snowpants when it happened. But as an adult, there’s no real reason to ruin your pants this way. Unless, of  course, you are the parent of a toddler.

I am a big believer in playing with your children. I try to carve out time for this each day – not just watching Niko play, or listening to him in the background, but actually getting involved in what he’s doing. Not having spent much time with two year old boys in the past, this type of play is somewhat new for me. Yesterday it involved going out to the sidewalk with some chalk, some cars and a ramp, and sitting in warm Spring sun, while creating a road and parking lots for his toys. Of course, you can’t play with sidewalk chalk without getting right down on your hands and knees.

Anyway, lo and behold, time passed, and I looked down to see the skin of my knee glaring at me through my jeans. One of my favourite pairs! Ah well, they had been well loved over the years and perhaps it was time. At one point ripped jeans were “in” anyway, and maybe I’m on to something here. An updated form of “mom” jeans perhaps? I’m just a budding fashionista, really!

One thing’s for sure, all this play certainly tuckered out little Stella.

A New Take on “Mom” Jeans

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