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Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed a significant increase in Niko’s weight.  We don’t have a scale at our house, but I can just feel and see the difference: which leads me to the dilemna of my aching back! What I’m wondering is, is there an artform to picking up baby N from his crib or pack-n-play? I mean I know the old saying goes: bend at the knees and lift with the knees, but try as I may to follow those instructions, my back seems to be suffering. And when I think about the physics of it, it is sort of an awkward thing to be picking up a 15-20lbish weight (namely, Niko) from inside of something (namely his crib and pack-n-play) and bringing him to an upright position, say over my shoulder or something like that. So, what I am looking for is tips for lifting! Is there such a thing? My back seems to be getting progressively worse, and as I type this I can just hear the first inklings of my baby’s cry and know that I have to go pick him up out of this awkward position. And while I am looking forward to having him in my arms, the getting him there is what’s getting to me!

Well, this H1N1 has really thrown a curve ball to checking the weight of my baby.  Normally in Ottawa, there are well-baby drop-in clinics that are open where parents can bring their babies to get them weighed.  Due to H1N1 all the public health nurses have been reassigned to vaccination centres and these well-baby drop-in clinics have temporarily closed.  That said I have not been able to get Niko weighed for the last four weeks! When he was last weighed at four weeks old he was close to 8 lbs.

Finally today, after a long four weeks he had his two month check up.  I knew he was growing because he had grown out of certain outfits and his grasp on my finger can now almost go around the whole way, whereas before his grasp barely went halfway around. So I brought him in for a formal check-up and he weighed in at just over 11 lbs, which the doctor was happy to report was well within the normal range, even considering that he was four weeks premature. At the clinic he also received two vaccines, which brought him to tears.  I gave him Tylenol before we went the clinic but could not figure out why he was so fussy this afternoon, until I talked to my mom and she told me that the vaccines can be very sore and even induce a fever and that I can continute to administer the Tylenol every four hours! Well, it’s a little late for that advice seeing as he is snoozing on his daddy’s lap right now, but I guess when he wakes up I can give him more medicine just in case he is still feeling upset.  How was I supposed to know?!

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