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There’s been a few major firsts this week: Niko’s first tooth and now…

Using all the might and determination he could muster (not to mention massive bouts of grunting and squealing), Niko rolled over for the first time, yesterday. Day by day we knew he was getting closer, but this was the first time that he actually did it all on his own. We are so proud of our little munchkin, and of course I couldn’t help but preserve the memory by taking lots of pics and documenting it on video.

Note: Check out Niko rolling over for the second and third time (ever) in these short video clips.

Using my point and shoot digital camera, we have been taking video clips of Niko since he was born This week I finally got around to editing some of the clips together into short movies. When I actually got down to business I realized I had more clips than I thought, and the first movie I made is about 15 minutes and documents his stint in the NICU when he was first born. When I uploaded it to You Tube I had to divide it into two parts – seeing as it was too long, but if you do take a look I would recommend watching both parts consecutively as they really do go together.

Watching the clips and making the video has brought back a lot of memories: it has been fun, although a touch emotional. Niko’s come such a long way: from a preemie living in the hospital to a thriving baby keeping us on our toes at home!

THE VIDEOS (click the links below)



NOTE: If you look at the home page of this blog, you will notice that I have added another page called Niko Videos, along the top tool bar. I plan to edit all the remaining clips into movies and when they are completed and uploaded to You Tube, I will post them there.

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