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Ready with his Tylenol Army, Niko braved yet another visit to the doctor’s office this morning. I finally got him in for his six month check up and vaccines. Yes, he is seven months old, and he actually had an appointment scheduled when he was six months, but twice the doctor canceled on us and once I forgot to go the appointment – so this was our fourth attempt. Anyway, apparently the time lines are just loose guides and it really doesn’t make too much of a difference if you go in at six or seven months. But, I am happy to say we are back on track for his nine month check-up, assuming the doctor doesn’t cancel and I get him there on time.

All went well at the check-up today. As for H1N1 she has recommended we not get him vaccinated at this time. But, if the strain is still out there in the Fall then that would be the time to go. Niko weighed in at just over 20lbs today which puts him at the 75th percentile for weight and he’s at the 90th for height. Although, I forgot to ask his exact height, but with Borys and I for parents, we aren’t too surprised that he’s a tall baby.

Think back to the Fall of 2009: you couldn’t turn on the TV or have a conversation without hearing or partaking in some sort of H1N1 discussion. The media built up so much hype around the virus, that the general public was in a frenzy about the vaccine. Would there be enough? Can you believe the lineups? Eventually enough vaccine became available for everyone and the hubbub faded, which probably also coincided with the passing of flu season.

Since the Fall, I really haven’t thought about H1N1 that much – or for that matter at all. Borys and I both got vaccinated, and then put it behind us, just as the media did. But now that Niko is six months old, the wheels are turning again. Should he get vaccinated? Is H1N1 still a concern? Are people still getting vaccinated? Has there been a rise in cases? Is the virus still lurking? So many questions, that I guess I will ask next week when I bring Niko for his six month check-up. After all, six months was the designated youngest age to get the vaccine.

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Armed with a system full of Infant Tylenol, Niko bravely made his way to the doctor’s office this morning.  He was due for his second round of immunizations, and I personally couldn’t wait to get them over with.  Even though I expected his tears upon being pricked by the needles, I found comfort knowing that he really wouldn’t remember the pain or the fact that I was the one who had to hold him still while the nurse got ready to jab him. I mean aren’t my arms supposed to be a source of comfort? And now I’m the one to hold him securely while he helplessly sits in wait for the needles? At least this time I am aware that I can administer Infant Tylenol for the remainder of the day if he seems to be bothered by the needles.

Upon returning home, post vaccinations, Niko seems just fine and so far is acting like his usual happy self.  In other words he has recovered from the needles quite nicely and doesn’t seem to be bothered by them (yet…). Some good news is that as far as weight and height go, he is now in the 75th percentile of babies (just over 15lb and 63 cm).  This is very reassuring for the parents of such an early born babe! At his one month check up he was in the 5th percentile, at his 2 month check up he was close to the 25th percentile and now the 75th! Looks like he is growing and gaining weight like the best of them, and is on track to be one healthy young lad.

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