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I had this grand idea (like so many of mine…) that toddlers were into dressing up. I envisioned a trunk full of dress-up clothes and Niko enjoying the costumes and items for hours. Embracing my love for a good deal I scoured Kijiji for toddler appropriate dress-up items, and I found some: a duck, a dog and a dragon. What could be better?! I bartered on the price with success, and then picked them up. This all happened at least a month before Halloween and the idea of dressing up for the holiday had not even crossed my mind: simply I wanted a bunch of dress up clothes for my little guy, and I was starting with Kijiji.

However, not all went as planned. The dragon had a hole – bye bye dragon! The dog is way too big! And the duck? Well the duck fit just right. And did Niko enjoy it? He sure did – for about 15 minutes, and then it’s moment in the limelight was done. The duck was cast away with the likes of the abacus only to be dredged up as an afterthought when he caught site of it’s yellow fur out of the corner of his eye.

Things I learned from this experience:

1) Toddlers may be too young to appreciate the joy to be had by a dress-up box.

2) Outfit-type costumes may be too cumbersome, not to mention too hot, for a toddler to enjoy on his own or for very long.

3) Not to live too vicariously through the little guy: despite the fact that one of my favourite things to do as a child was to play dress-up (fashion shows etc.) at my friend Alison‘s house, my son may not embrace these same interests.

So then Halloween rolled around. And I didn’t even ask him. Niko was going to be a duck and waddle his way to a few neighbourhood houses in his first ever attempt at trick or treating. Although…I did almost buy him a vampire costume in early October. It was just so cute and would have been a great addition to his tickle trunk – but let’s face it, that idea really hasn’t taken flight (just yet). So I resisted the vampire  attire and Niko successfully waddled door to door, collecting candy and whispering “trick or treat” before he even reached the houses.

Note: As of late, Niko has developed an aversion to having his picture taken. I now end up with a lot of blurry pictures (see middle picture down below), or ones where he completely turns his back (see picture in top right corner).

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There is no way Niko will be trick-or-treating this year; although he has been asking about it, we just don’t feel at six weeks he is old enough to venture out on his own…  His lack of trick-or-treating does not prevent him from dressing up in a couple of Halloween costumes though.

The little Dino is on loan from his friend Trinity; now that she’s a year old, she is way too mature for such an outfit.  The karate gi is on loan from my karate build-a-bear (thanks Jenny and Mya).  From the looks of the karate pics, Niko will be ready to start sparring very soon.  I think he is working himself up to break a board in one of those shots (or maybe just breaking wind…).

Note: Niko wearing the karate gi Halloween costume inspired a series of monthly blog entries, documenting his growth against the size of the karate outfit.  Since Halloween I have used the bear and the costume to document his growth at three , four,  five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and now eleven months.

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