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Yesterday Niko, Borys, Frasier and I headed off to the first annual Simps-Olympics, organized by Graeme, Heather and Lena at their cottage. Basically it involved a winter flurry of outdoor activities (brainteasers, ice fishing, crazy carpeting, bowling for Conservatives, etc.) – sort of like a summer regatta but winter style. Anyway, perhaps because the Olympics will be in Vancouver next month the theme of the winter activity day was the Olympics, and seeing as I was an official torchbearer this past December, yours truly was asked to light the bonfire to start off the festivities.

Now seeing as I had little Niko in tow, not everything could run exactly according to a timed schedule. For example, when the time came for us to get the games started and for me to run in with the tiki torch (a.k.a. Olympic Torch a la cottage style) and light the bonfire, Niko also decided it would be a perfect time to proclaim his hunger. A good half hour (full stomach, clean diaper and dressed for the weather) later we were good to go. But different than in December when I ran with the official torch, this time I had baby Niko Baby Bjorned onto my chest and he was a part of the whole ceremony!

Note: As you can see (and if you can’t, just click on the picture to enlarge it) in the gallery of pictures below, the bonfire needed a little coaxing for the lighting, so Niko and I decided to go chill with Lena and Heather.

It is a week, less a day, until I get to run with the Olympic Torch, and I am SO excited! I wonder if I will end up on the news? I keep telling people to look for the runner who is drowning in her uniform, seeing as I ordered and XL! Oh, why did I do that? Anyway, despite the large uniform I am really looking forward to my 300m of glory! Yes, 300m: that is it! So, I am planning to milk it, and run very s-l-o-w-l-y.  Niko, Borys and I are going to drive around today to check out the route and the meeting point.  The run is next Saturday, and seeing as I am not familiar with the area I want to check it out before the big day comes.

I have been wondering what Niko will be doing, next Saturday, while I am involved in this? How will the logistics of feeding be worked out? Will he be warm enough? Well, I guess in just a few hours he cannot come to too much harm, especially seeing as he will be in the excellent care of his dad, Gramma, Dziadzio, Aunt Marion, Uncle JP and cousins, Audra, Claire and John Russell.

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