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Niko’s in to everything these days.

I keep as watchful an eye as I can, but at some points I really just need to get things done, like brushing my teeth or changing out of my pajamas. You know, things that help you start the day off on the right foot. So, like I said, Niko’s into everything: drawers, toilet paper, cupboards, etc. He’s even taken to munching on wrapped bars of soap that he finds in the bathroom. Seriously, what’s the draw there? Isn’t that an old school punishment for tweens who prove to have a potty mouth? What’s the allure? I just don’t get it.

The other day, Niko discovered a whole new meaning for the term “toilet water”. Niko and I were in my bedroom, with him crawling aimlessly (or seamlessly, in many directions at once) underfoot. I was trying to figure out what to wear and thinking he was pretty safe: the bedroom door was closed, so he’s (relatively) safe right? But my bedroom also includes a tiny washroom and a walk-in closet. So as I’m “la dee daaing” and perusing my clothes, I hear the distinct sound of tiny splashes. What? I careen my way toward the sound only to find Little Niko, standing against the toilet and leaning over with both hands happily splashing in the toilet water. “Niko! Ewww! Get your hands out of there, you little monkey.”

Lesson learned: from now on, our house will be a “toilet-seat-cover-down” kind of place. At least when we remember to put it down, because already there’s been repeat incidents like the one described above.

Note to self: Must remember to put toilet cover down.

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