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When I was in Grade 3 my class put on a performance of the Nativity Story.  I was cast as Mary, probably for the sole reason that I had a baby brother that could play Jesus.  My brother Greg was born on September 14th, so he was about three months old when he starred in the play.  Seeing as Niko was born on September 15th – from birth to their first December – that pretty much puts them at the same age.

Maybe it’s because I am a new parent and Gregory was the fourth born, but I can’t imagine putting my little guy in the hands of an eight year old at the front of an auditorium, where I would have no control over what could happen to him.  I mean, he could start to cry, or get hungry, or a million other things! Maybe this is just a hint of what I have to look forward to, when we have more kids: a more relaxed attitude about their schedule and how and when they are handled. So while Niko won’t be starring in any operetta’s this year, who knows what the future holds for his sibs!

Note: In the picture below you can see a grown up pic of what was once Baby Jesus.  Yes, this is Uncle Greg in all his hairy glory, and while his hair certainly fits the Jesus role, you can clearly see, he can’t walk on water! I don’t know, but I think Mrs. Roberts, my Grade 3 teacher, may have had the casting all wrong… 🙂

Well, now that my mind has been set at ease that little Niko is growing and gaining weight, I decided to go through his clothes and put away the ones that are getting snug and take out the ones that he’s been waiting to grow into.  I was surprised, when I pulled out the three month outfits to find that he actually fits into a lot of them right now: including a pair of overalls, that I have really wanted to dress him up in! It’s a good thing I took a look at the clothes in storage, otherwise he may have outgrown them before he even wore them!

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