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If there ever was a need for a doggie bidet, this story is it! Could this be my multi-million dollar idea? Hmm, time will tell on that I guess. But it’s true, a couple of days ago a doggie bidet would have come in quite handy.

Taking care of the little Niko Man I deal with my fair share of spit-up and doo doo, and for the most part I make a conscious effort not to blog (too much) about these particular adventures. But when it comes at me from both ends from my standard poodle, I feel it’s (a little) more socially acceptable to post my thoughts.

A few days ago I was commenting to my friend Mel, as we watched Frasier, my beloved dog trotting on ahead of us, “You know, I really want to get his hair trimmed, especially that area under his tail. I mean it’s getting kind of long and could cause a serious mess if anything gets caught in there. If you know what I mean…”. She had to agree. It turns out that my words were foreshadowing events that would take place later that same day!

Yes, I discovered the lovely outcome of what occurs when one spunky poodle pup (although he’s the biggest puppy I’ve ever seen!) greedily gobbles up table almonds – and no they weren’t meant for him, it’s just that Frasier is still learning the art of manners. The episode resulted in him getting sick – on both ends! The recipe went something like this: down the hatch with a mouthful of almonds (or as many as he could get until I pulled him away), then wait one day for the results. And the results were as follows…

You know how dogs, when they’ve got an issue, will endearingly drag their butts right along the carpet? Well, picture our poodle continually doing this, while I am scrambling to get my winter coat on and wondering if my friends Mel and Heather will be OK with Niko for a few minutes, as clearly Frasier needed to get outside, pronto. So, one prominent skid mark on the carpet (yes, you read that correctly!) and two minutes later, we were out the door, only for Frasier to frolic with a few puppy friends and then try and try to get what was ailing him out, but it was to no avail. Until, I noticed he was skidding across the snow, just as he had my carpet, and leaving skid mark trails to boot! Oh glorious day! But better he do that outside than inside. Anyway, it was then I noticed the large amount of caked dog dirt clumped under his tail. Hmm..what to do, what to do!?

Then brilliance struck! I’ll use this random stick to get rid of the dirty mess. Well, it turns out that stick wasn’t strong enough and its brittle pieces snapped and flew up in my face – fingers crossed that it wasn’t the pieces that had touched his dirty mess that were the ones that pummeled my face. I mean picture it, here I am out back, holding Frasier by the leash, while I bend over him holding his tail up, trying desperately to scrape away the dirty clump, only to have the stick snap in my face. Not a pretty site.

Even though the job wasn’t done, I had to go back home. Niko was in good hands, but those good hands had to get to the VIA Train Station to catch their ride back to TO. So, again, what to do what to do? Well, I walked Frasier home, and put him on the patio, while I cleaned the aforementioned skid mark, then careened him into his crate, the whole smelly mess of him. As they used to say on Seinfeld: “Serentiy Now”! But not for long, because it wasn’t long before I heard him start to yak. I rushed to him and pulled him out of the crate to brace his gagging body while he proceeded to upchuck pieces of sticks (he eats them when he doesn’t feel well), whole almonds and bile all over my floor! And again: Serenity Now.

When Borys got him, it was into the tub with this dirty poodle, and this is when the idea for the doggie bidet struck. All we had was some soap, our bare hands, and a trusty pair of scissors. Oh dear. Anyway, a good half hour later, he was much cleaner and after a good one-two with the scissors he didn’t have too much fur left under his tail. But what other options did we have?

Let me tell you, having a baby and a dog and being home with them in my second floor condo day in and day out, provides for lots of “fun” adventures. Despite this awe inspiring tale, I wouldn’t trade my situation – although in our next place, I definitely want a yard, that way I, uh…I mean Frasier, can run around outside like crazy.

Maybe when Niko gets a bit older he can help out with taking care of this lovely pooch. But as it stands right now, he has trouble just sitting on his own, so to have him lean over the tub and act as doggie bidet, doesn’t seem to be in his near future. Lucky little guy!

Note: Frasier often reminds me of that afghan pooch from the UK cartoon, What a Mess – and even more so, after this lovely little episode. See pic below.

Yesterday Niko was  invited out on a play date to Baby Emilia’s house, where he was surrounded by four lovely ladies: three other babies and one toddler. When he got there he was happy to see so many new and exciting toys and especially happy to discover the amazing exersaucer!  So much so that when we got home and told Daddy about it, he ran out and bought one for Niko! Now Niko can happily “exersauce” the days away, bouncing about while discovering all the fun toys that are right at his fingertips. I think Dziadzio put it well when he first saw Niko’s new toy: “Oh my, what a stuff! In my age we got a little spade and a little pail and GO! That’s it.”

And as always there are things that we as new parents learn as we go along: playing in the exersaucer was no exception. Parent lesson learned post exersaucer purchase? Don’t put him in it right after eating, as the follow up was A LOT of spit up! Oh, well, he was entitled seeing as it is was his four month birthday! xx Niko, we are so happy that you have joined our family!

Note: Pictures #1) Niko and gal pals Blair, Emilia and Nola. #2) Daddy gave this one the title: Just Another Day at the Office.

DiaperDid you ever have one of those mornings, where the “under bed” (actually advertised as “under bed”) storage bins you bought for your maternity clothes, don’t actually fit under your bed? Did you ever have one of those mornings where your baby has really bad gas so you pop him over your shoulder and stand up only to have him spit up all down your back and onto the floor (not to mention all over himself)? Did you ever have one of those mornings where you just changed your baby’s diaper, only to have him go poop again, and his diaper leaks onto the pillow he’s sitting on and his clothes, which also leads the poo to get onto your arm and your pants? Welcome to my morning!

But, there is nothing like adversity (and coffee) to inspire me to actually get things done.   I feel better having accomplished things, so in the face of a pooped on pillow, a spit-upped on back, and “under bed” bins, that don’t actually fit under the bed, I have gone on to accomplish great things!

  1. Found alternate place to store the bins and maternity clothes – check!
  2. Folded and put away cloth diapers – check!
  3. Washed and put away two loads of laundry – check!
  4. Cleaned kitchen and sanitized baby bottles – check!
  5. Shower – pending…

Along with feeding a baby comes the art of learning to burp one.  Will you burp your baby over your shoulder, over your knee, in a sitting position, or in some other newfangled way? Should your baby burp once, twice or for a set amount of time? Or perhaps your baby should burp the alphabet before settling down for a nap? Well, not really, but burping can be a challenge.  My sister Carolyn’s friend just adopted a baby in East Timor and her friend has been reading up about burping and particularly reading one book that states that the need to burp a baby is a myth! The book apparently goes on to say that a lot of cultures do not believe in burping and do not practice it.  Hmm,  I am not sure about that one, for now I will just continue on this burping learning curve of fun!

I was talking to my other sister Marion yesterday and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Do all babies spit up when they burp?

Marion: Well, no.  But all babies DO burp.  Some are dry burpers (which all three of her kids were), some are wet burpers and some are projectilers.

Me: Projectile burping! What?! I think mine is definitely a wet burper.

That said, it is just a matter of time between when Niko eats and then burps a juicy one! It’s just that burping takes time…and at 4am, I would sort of rather be sleeping.  For example, last night at 4, after he’d eaten AND burped, I lied him down to go back to sleep.  But, oh no, he had something else in mind.  It was another hour before he finally went back to sleep and countless times of me getting up, getting him up, trying different burping strategies, lying him back down, and then a couple of minutes later only to repeat the above cycle!

Despite the middle of the night frustrations, whenever I look down at that precious little baby (a.k.a. my son), I am in complete awe of what a wonder it is to have a baby!

One thing’s for sure, having a baby sure is a gas!  🙂

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