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1) 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant!

In medical terms this is FULL TERM! I’ve never been this prego before and am now starting to contemplate ideas for natural induction. Who would have thought…?

2) Discovering Pinterest

So many DIY projects and ideas on the horizon. And once I have the baby, I’ll have lots of time for DIYs, right?

3) Spontaneus Hugs from Niko

And even a kiss and some “[I] wuv you”s…

4) A Mixed CD Via Snail Mail

And out on the porch there arose such a clatter,

went out to my mailbox to see what was the matter.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear,

but a mailbox full of music from my friend Susie dear.

5) The Wow!-You-Really-Look-Pregnant Shot

Taken by how pregnant I looked (and stunned by my glow…) Borys took this photo. Of course I didn’t see his perspective, until I viewed it from the camera a few days later. But yes, even I was taken aback, “Wow, I do look SO prego!” (Woot! Woot!)

1) 31 weeks pregnant!

2) After a brief lesson from my friend Heather, I finally learned the basics of an Excel spreadsheet and successfully stepped into the millennium by transferring my paper and pen budget into electronic form.

3) Morning bedhead and fireman attire.

4) Borys finished painting the Malkovich room. (See item #3 for further explanation).

5) Niko slept until 10 after 7 this morning – not his usual 5:30 wake-up as has been the norm this week.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and leaving town for the last day and a half showed me the truth in these words. As I drove closer and closer to Ottawa today, I became increasingly excited about reuniting with the Little Niko Man. When I finally got home he was finishing up his lunch, and greeted me with huge smiles that kept showing off his two front teeth, (and warming my heart)! Can you say adorable?! Because it was! It was so great to see him, and of course Borys too.

Before arriving I called Borys and our convo went something like this:

Borys: Daddy Daycare, how can I help you? (Note: We have call display.)

Me: Hahaha. So, how’s it going?

B: Well I have a new found appreciation for what you do all day.

Me: What do you mean?

B: Well, it’s busy. There’s always stuff to do, and it’s a lot of work to take care of this little misfit. (Note: He didn’t actually say misfit, but I’m entitled to creative liberties. This is my blog, after all)

Me (with a smile, and an appreciative air of vindication): Yes it does. It certainly does.

I know I was only away a short time, but Niko looks different somehow: older or bigger or something. Maybe it has to do with the coif he received at Daddy Daycare: Borys sort of parted his hair and combed it over to the side. But whether it’s the hair or something else, there is something different. Even Borys had to agree and said, “Yeah, he looks like he’s about twenty-one now.”

Milestone today: Niko rolled over for the first time from back to front. He’s been rolling from his stomach to back for quite some time, but this particular maneuver took a little longer.

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I remember the first few times Niko smiled – it was so heartwarming (and still is)! Thankfully, those smiles are daily occurrences these days, many times over. I also remember trying to capture that first grin in pictures – it was so challenging. And now, we catch him smiling in photos all the time.

But since he’s gotten tooth number one and tooth numero deux, it’s been difficult getting those elusive pearly whites on camera. Perhaps it’s due to the sheer size of them: they’re just a few millimeters really. Anyway, the attempts to get them in pictures ended a couple of days ago when I finally (and accidentally) captured that toothy little grin with my SLR. But how could he resist smiling and showing off those teeth when he was in such good company? 🙂

Note: Click on the image of Niko’s face in the upper right hand corner to see a close-up of his two little teeth.

It seems that Niko is developing a little sense of humour! It also seems his sense of humour is dependent on a few conditions: a full belly, a clean diaper, and enough sleep. But, if you talk to him in the right tone of voice, when all of those conditions are in place he really smiles a lot and for a long time, and will even throw in a random giggle, and it is SO cute!


I’ve heard that more than 50% of human communication comes from body language.  I am not sure on the exact percentage, and I think it is actually higher than that, but I can’t find a solid source right now, so I am just going from memory  – and my memory has to account for something, after all I did take Soc. 101 in uni. Anyway, I digress…

Although Niko can’t actually talk yet, he has definite ways of communicating through facial expressions.  I suppose all babies do this, but each one must have their own nuances, no?  Some of Niko’s faces are as follows: furrowed brow, eyes wide open – surprise, eyes wide open – alert and curious and looking everywhere, pouting with his lower lip (I find it funny that this is an innate characteristic), turning beat red and pushing or grunting (we all know what that means :) ), silent terror (once he lost his balance on my lap, and of course I caught him, but in that second of non-balance he did look terrified – poor little guy!), and of course his SMILE (that one has to be my favourite!)

He is smiling more and more each day and it is wonderful to see: he even smiles, and giggles in his sleep sometimes! I wonder what he is thinking about? I mean really, his imagination can’t be that big seeing as his experiences are so limited to date. Anyway, that smile is like a ray of sunshine – it sort of reminds me of that cheesy 80s love ballad by that glam-hair band, Bad English, called When I See You Smile (which, by the way, used to be mine and my sister Marion’s favourite song when it came out – so much so that we probably rewound the cassette – yes cassette, we had it on cassette! – about 100 times just so we could listen to it over and over again).  Note: Bypass the first 12 seconds of the above link to hear this glam band in action.

When I see you smile
I see a ray of light, oh oh,
I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile
Oh yeah, baby when I see you smile at me

Baby there’s nothing in this world
that could ever do
What a touch of your hand can do
It’s like nothing that I ever knew

In the past few days Niko has been smiling a lot more.  His smile is so adorable and heartwarming! His whole face seems to light up and his eyes go into the shape of little crescent moons.  I love it, but catching it on camera is proving difficult.

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