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You know sometimes when you do something that seems like a good idea at the time, but in hindsight may not have been the best choice. This is Niko’s and my reality right now. Last Friday the Little N Man and I had an adventure at the grocery store: the adventurous part being that he got to sit in the grocery cart like a big boy for the first time. When I put him in there, I couldn’t help but think about all the hands that had touched the cart and that probably it wasn’t the cleanest of things for my little babe to be touching. Especially considering he’s at that stage where everything goes in his mouth, so even if he doesn’t have any toys to munch on, it’s his hands that eventually end up there. So yes, my little baby was touching the grocery cart handle, then putting his hands in his mouth and repeating this for the entire grocery “adventure”. I just tried to keep my mantra in mind; he’s building his immunities, right?

Well, it turns out that my senses were right! There was something nasty lingering on that grocery cart. That day he developed a small blister by his mouth, which eventually burst and turned red, only to get bigger over the course of the weekend. But seeing as we were on another road trip, going to my friend Jamie’s wedding, we weren’t in a position to get his face checked out. To make us first-time parents feel a bit better, my friend Leslie, who was also at the wedding and is a nurse, looked at his face and wasn’t too concerned. She suggested it could be impetigo and that we should see a doctor when we got back to Ottawa. So, today Daddy and Niko (yes, Daddy became inflicted as well) headed to the doctor’s office where they were both diagnosed with … impetigo! Anyway, they’ve been prescribed this antibacterial cream and hopefully it will do the trick, because Niko’s supposed to go to two birthday parties this weekend, and unless this is clear he won’t be able to go…

Note: It’s now imperative that I keep Niko’s nails short: despite the qualms I have about cutting them! Out of necessity I must keep them trimmed. (Actually, I just clipped them yesterday, so kudos to me!) The reason for the necessity of this maintenance is that impetigo is highly contagious and can spread to openings in the skin, like the ones that sometimes happen when he scratches his face because his nails are too long!

Sometimes I think that Niko’s getting too big for his car seat. To date, every time he’s gone grocery shopping he’s been carted around with his car seat (securely?) balancing on the grocery cart. I see lots of other parents doing it this way, so it must be safe, right? Well, today Niko hit a grocery cart milestone! Pulling into the parking lot I began wondering if he was big enough to actually sit on his own in the cart. I mean he sits unassisted at home for a good half hour playing with toys, although he’s surrounded by pillows and my (or Borys’) watchful eye is ever present. So, based on his ability to sit up on his own, and seeing as he seems to be getting too big for the car seat, we went for it.

I noticed today that grocery cart safety has actually improved since I was small enough to sit in them – surprise, surprise. (I mean all things have become über safe, these days. It was just last week my nine year old niece, who’s closer to ten than nine, proudly told me she was now allowed to sit in the front of the car… Anyway, I digress.) So, the grocery cart we were using had a safety belt and everything, what could be better? As soon as the little N Man was securely buckled in and I started pushing, he looked up at me with a curious smile and then was just happy all around, checking out the world from this new perspective.

Overall the experience went really well. But, you know when you go the grocery store to get just a few things, and then an hour later end up with a full grocery cart? Well, today happened to be one of those days. And by then end of that hour Niko was ready to get the heck out of that cart. As I was doing self-checkout (the regular lines were too long!), he arched his back and hurt it on the steel beam behind him. So a bout of crying ensued, while I was getting the cheese price checked: I swear it was on sale, but didn’t come up that way. Turns out, it was the No Name cheese and Mommy must have been distracted (although I can’t imagine why?) and thought it was the Black Diamond. Anyway, with some back rubbing (thank goodness for the powers of the Single Handed Superwoman!) and coos of encouragement, Niko managed to (somewhat) chill until the checkout horror was over, and then we hightailed it out of there. Once secured in his car seat and not even a minute on the road, he was TKO. Yup, grocery time was infringing on nap time! Poor little tyke!

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