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This year Niko’s pumped for Christmas and it’s the first time he actually understands (at least as much as a toddler can) what’s going on. He talks about Santa, presents, decorations, Christmas lights, Baby Jesus and Jingle Bells. He’s right in the thick of the Christmas spirit and it’s so cute to see. This weekend we attended a Santa pancake breakfast and Niko was delighted to meet the man in red. More so than last year, that’s for sure…

Christmas Delight (2011)

Christmas Fright (2010)

Santa“Mikolai is coming! Mikolai is coming!”.  According to my father-in-law this is what is said in Poland when kids are anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus.  Mikolai (pronounced: Me-CO-why) is the Polish version of our son’s name Nikolai, and in Poland Mikolai is used to refer to St. Nick, a.k.a. Santa Claus.  So, I guess from now on, we will just refer to Niko as Santa or perhaps SC for short. 🙂

ElfChristmas is looming: just six weeks away as of today (and five more weeks until Ciocia Ola arrives :)). Niko is pumped that Santa will be coming to our house; well maybe’s he’s not exactly as pumped as we are, but regardless it will be fun celebrating our first Christmas with our son.  Borys and I don’t always get a Christmas tree seeing as half the time we are out of town and the other half we celebrate at his dad’s house, but this year we think a tree is a must and want to start our family off on the right foot in regards to this holiday tradition.  I think trees come in at Home Depot around the 25th of November, so maybe we will be early birds and start celebrating the season then.

Niko has already put on his elf costume and has been practicing his hip-hop elf moves.  Check out the video (it’s short and worth it), with sound on, at the following link ( to see our little munchkin – and the rest of our family – in action! Happy Holidays everyone!

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