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There are many signs of being overtired, for both adults and babies.  In no particular order, crying, rubbing one’s eyes, yawning, and restlessness, are just a few of those signs, and the list could go on and on.  Last night I discovered another way of telling if someone (namely me) is overtired.  As I have mentioned before, Niko is on an on demand feeding schedule.  His usual routine is to wake up once in the night for a feeding and then he sleeps again until somewhere between 6 and 8am. Last night he awoke, on schedule at around 3am, and this is when I discovered yet another way of telling when someone is overtired.  I found myself arguing with myself (yes, with myself!), in my head at 3am.  The conversation (can you even call it a conversation, if it is just between your tired self and your rational self?) went something like this:

Tired Me/Rational Me: Niko’s crying, and it’s 3am; he must be hungry.

Rational Me: Get up and feed the baby.

Tired Me: I already fed the baby!

Rational Me: The baby is crying; get up and feed the baby.

Tired Me: I already fed the baby!

Rational Me: No, you did not feed the baby yet, otherwise he would not be crying!

Tired Me: Yes, I fed him, and I’m going back to sleep! … But why is he still crying?

Tired Me/Rational Me: Oh, the baby is crying which means he has not eaten and must be hungry. I have to get up and feed him.  Am I having an argument with myself in my head? This would make for an interesting blog entry.

After this little ditty with myself, I proceeded to get out of bed and tend to the needs of my hungry baby. Lucky for Niko the rational side won out.  Although, I am sure if his crying would have persisted this would have snapped me out of my reverie like state, a state in which it seemed perfectly normal to be arguing with myself ! In conclusion, I think arguing with oneself at 3am is a sign of someone who might just be a touch overtired! That said, I took the advice of many today, and napped when Niko napped and really didn’t get out bed for good, until 11am: oh, sweet, sweet sleep!

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