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It’s increasingly challenging to get the Little N Man to eat – it used to be that he resisted just meat, but now he’s putting up a fuss with veggies too. Oy! While Borys was taking care of Niko this past weekend, he too came face to face with the twice daily challenges of getting him to slurp down his lunch and supper. Breakfast is easy: cereal and fruit and he likes them both. But lunch and dinner are a different story, and whoever’s doing the feeding is faced with Niko’s perpetual head turning, pursed lip line, continual grunting and the occasional smile when he realizes you aren’t going to force feed him (not that that was ever an option). But I do press the spoon right up to his lips trying to entice a bite, only to have the food get sloshed all over his cheeks and chin, or up his nose as he rapidly moves his head from side to side.

Anyway, when I was away, Borys got a taste of this side of our son. I had tried to explain it to him, but there is something about experiencing things first hand that really forces you to understand the gravity of the situation; it’s one thing to hear about it, and another to experience it. When I got home this was one of the reports I received from Daddy Daycare:

Borys: Man, it really is tough to get the little guy to eat sometimes.

Me: I know! That’s what I’ve been talking about.

B: Like he doesn’t want to eat squash or anything. (Squash used to be his favourite.)

Me: I know…

B: So you know what I did?

Me: What?

B: I just mixed all his food together: squash, green beans, potatoes and bananas.

Me: And bananas?  Eww… What?

B: And you know what? He actually ate it all. It seemed he could tell it was different, but the bananas just overpowered the veggies and I figured it was better for him to eat it this way, than not to eat at all. At least he was getting his nutrients.

OK, good on you Daddy for thinking about the health of our son and creatively (albeit disgustingly) trying to get him to gobble up his food. And it did w0rk, so kudos. But did I say ewww? Cuz, EWW!

Anyway, today at lunch we were back at it. Borys at work, me at home and Baby Niko vehemently refusing his veggies. So, what did I resort to? Daddy’s new recipe of course. Truth be told, I was a little repulsed when I was mixing it up, because it looked an awful brown colour and didn’t really smell too good, but Niko did take a few bites. Maybe in total he ate about half of what I had taken out for him, which is better than what he was eating before the mix came in to play.  Once he started in with the refusing again, I chucked it. But not before trying it myself, and you know what? It wasn’t half bad.

Yesterday I headed to the grocery store, armed with a list and a mindset to buy the particular ingredients needed to create some new flavours for my Little Man. The world of internet blogging has introduced me to a site called Carrots are Orange where you can basically find a different baby food recipe each day. This lovely blogger (creator of Carrots are Orange) has a knack for kitchen creativity and I, or should I say Baby Niko, is reaping the benefits.

Luckily for Niko, I’m expanding and improving my culinary skill set since the Campfire Squash incident. Yes, I’ve stepped up my domestic game a notch and my repertoire now includes: skinning tomatoes (easier than it sounds), poaching sole (although my poaching technique is questionable) and thus creating “Sole” Mate Puree, all in the name of making baby food for my Little Man. Now wouldn’t Borys like it if I put so much effort into making adult food for my Big Man. Actually to be fair, here’s a conversation that transpired the other day:

Borys: I’ve noticed you’ve been cooking more lately. I like it!

Me (with an air of contentment and pride): Yah, I guess I have been cooking a lot.

Borys: Whoa there. I didn’t say “a lot”, just “more” than before. But I still like it.

Me (somewhat dejected): Oh…

B and Me: har har har 🙂

Yes I’ll admit it, for quite some time PC frozen lasagnas and countless other PC varieties made daily appearances at Chez Alli & Borys. But now, and maybe in part due to the years (yes, years!) of eating them, those frozen entrees just don’t have the same appeal. Thank goodness…

So today I will continue on my baby making, nix that, on my baby food making adventure. And what lies ahead, you may wonder: Chicken Pot Pie and an Avocodo, Banana, Blueberry puree (ingredients, at least at this stage in the game, I would never have dreamed of combining!) So, thank you Marnie, from Carrots are Orange – Niko’s taste buds are happy and all the while I’m honing my cooking skills.

“Day to day nothing’s different, but five years later everything’s changed.”

I’m not sure where I picked up that quote, but its sentiments rang true for me this morning as I was getting excited about making sweet potatoes for Niko – peeling them, boiling them, blending them, freezing them, etc. Yes, that’s right, I wrote getting excited about making baby food. As I was cooking them up and listening to the radio, that song Home For a Rest came on, and then it donned on me: it’s St. Patty’s Day.

Not only is it St. Patty’s Day, but my bestie from uni, Jen, and her daughter Mya are coming to town today. She called a couple of days ago and because she’s on March Break, she decided to take a mommy-daughter roadie all the way to O-town. Seeing as Jen’s coming, it got me thinking about the many times that she and I have spent St. Patrick’s day together. My, how thing’s certainly have changed from us decking ourselves out completely in green, hitting the market (area of bars in downtown Ottawa) and guzzling green barley pops to our hearts’ content – not to mention her daring me to show my shamrock tattoo to just about everyone. This was all back in the pre-Borys days of course, so I guess it’s been a bit longer than the five years mentioned in the quote, but you get the idea.

Man, how thing’s have changed – from dancing leprechauns to excitement over pureed sweet potatoes. But despite the the change – the excitement is still there, and that’s a good thing, it’s just different.

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