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Little Niko celebrated two of his friends’ first birthdays this weekend. First on the list was Giuliana, and as you can see in the pics below, Niko was the life of the party! At one point during the festivities it was pouring rain, so we took cover under the tent and the little N-bomb fell fast asleep among the hubbub of party goers. What a master party animal we have on our hands.

Sunday was Eli’s first birthday party, and on this particular day Niko wasn’t feeling well. Could it be the four teeth that have pushed their way through his gums over the past week? I don’t know. But he just wasn’t having a good day, so he stayed home with Daddy and I went to the party solo, carrying birthday wishes from home for Baby E.

I found it sort of funny that at both parties the guests of honour didn’t quite know what to make of the birthday cake and candle that was placed in front of them. Stick their hands in? Lick it? They were both a little unsure and kept steeling furtive glances towards their parents for some guidance. But I guess that’s to be expected when you’ve only got twelve months of living under your belt.

Note: As you can see in the second pic below, Niko still has a hankering for his index finger.

Niko has been looking forward to his friend Talia’s first birthday party all week! She turned one a few days ago, but her big bash was today.  Although Niko was looking forward to partying with her, his “on demand” schedule had other plans.  The party started at 12:30pm, and just as we were getting ready to leave his crying started: translated into proper English this crying meant “Mommy, feed me!”.  So, an hour, a full tummy and a fresh diaper later we were on our way.

Now, seeing as we were going to a baby’s birthday party there were lots of kids and parents there.  We apologized for being late, and they all understood.  My only worry was: what if Niko gets hungry at the party? Where will I feed him? (We brought a bottle just in case.) In talking with two other moms at the party, I realized we all have this similar sense of being uncomfortable just breastfeeding openly at parties, and it was a relief to know that I was not the only mom feeling this way.  Inevitably, as time passed, the “Mommy, feed me!” cries started again.  But there was no need to break out the bottle; we just went upstairs to the computer room, took our time in the peace and quiet and listened to Happy Birthday being sung from downstairs.  The only minor interruption came from some older kids who were playing hide-and-seek and barged in looking for a place to hide – of course what they found was something entirely different!

Note: In the picture below you can see Talia – the birthday girl -poised to give Niko what I can only assume is a birthday love tap.

Talia 2

Talia 1

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