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Yesterday the paparazzi was in town (a.k.a. – two snap happy sets of parents and two grammas) shooting pics like crazy of the adorable little pair: Lena and Niko, or as the tabloids call them, Nikolena (akin to Brangelina, TomKat etc., but without all the surrounding drama). Last night was the grammas’ final night (at least for this trip) in O-town, so we headed over to Graeme and Heather’s for one last hurrah, and dinner. It was a great time and seeing as the two little ones were both awake and happy we decided to seize the opportunity to blind them with our flashes.

Note: As you can see in the gallery below, Lena is progressively slipping off the couch – picture by picture, until in the last one she actually grabs onto Niko’s ear and tries to pull him down with her… (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

With the birth and naming of a child, nicknames inevitably follow.  I mean you want to name your kid something that they can be proud of, a name that kids can not tease them about (although any name can be made fun of, I am sure!).  Regardless of his name, Niko has already been nicknamed many things by many people (but mostly by me and Borys). Some of his nicknames are as follows (and don’t ask me where they came from, because they seem to have just developed naturally over the last three months): Sweet Little Angel Boy (there’s even a song that I made up that goes with this one!), (little) monster man, Nikush (this is Polish for a “little cute Niko”, but I fear I have butchered the spelling on it…), doll-face, cute little guy, little man, little grandpa, krasnoludek (Polish for a common garden gnome), cute little man, stinkster, Niko-Frederico, and probably many more to come.

I think Niko-Frederico simply developed because it rhymes, but it does bring back memories of how I got the nickname Fred.  Fred is still a name that my dad and husband and a few others call me on occasion, and from what I can gather this is how that nickname came to be.  When I was just a baby, (cute as can be I am sure!), my mom brought me grocery shopping with her.  Someone stopped her and said: “What a cute little baby! What’s his name?” His name?! Can you believe it?! Hmph! Anyway, my mom just went with it and said that my name was Fred! Well, ever since that day, Fred has stuck! Now, seeing as I am the third born in my family, and the third girl, my take is that perhaps this was a hint of what my mom really wanted my name to be, or for that matter my gender! I have asked about this many times, and my mom (re)assures that even though I was the third born girl, that my parents really didn’t want a boy (although when she was pregnant many people did ask: “Going for a boy, eh?”), but she tells me that this is not the case and that she and my dad always wanted three or four kids, regardless of if they were boys or girls! Well, when number four came along they were finally blessed with a real boy: my brother Greg!

Note: When Marion and her fam were here this weekend this is how one of the conversations went:

Audra: Aunt Alli, why do you call Niko “Doll-face”?

Alli: Hmm…I am not really sure. It just seems to come out naturally.

Marion: You know, I just realized that I call John Russell “Doll”, and I have no idea where it came from.

Upon marrying a Pole I have learned a few Polish words over the past 11 years. Niko’s birth has helped expand my vocabulary even further. He now has Ciocia Ola (Aunt Ola) and a dziadzio [pronounced: JAH-jaw] (Grandpa). In his first few weeks of life Dziadzio started calling Niko “Krasnoludek”. Seeing as this was a new word for me, I did not catch on that this is what he was calling my son. I hear Polish so often and barely understand a word of it, so I usually just don’t pay much attention to what is being said, seeing as the language is mostly unrecognizable to me. (The only words I actually know are: thank you, turtle, window, I love you, how are you, hello, and a few others that I do not feel comfortable writing the English equivalent of…)

It was only the next day when I heard Borys affectionately calling him Krasnoludek as well, that I noticed the word and asked him what it meant. Basically this is the Polish term for a common garden gnome. Anyway, it stuck and now we call him Krasnoludek all the time: our little krasnoludek.krasnoludek

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