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Parenting is sort of like a live and learn experience, with (sorry Niko, but it’s true) Niko as my guinea pig. Lucky for Niko (and me), the more time that passes, the more I learn and the more confident I become.

Changing diapers? No sweat!

Feeding the baby? Piece of cake.

Keeping him clean? We do our best… 🙂

Clipping his fingernails? The bane of my existence!

OK, a slight exaggeration, but seriously it’s a challenge! And at least a once a week challenge at that – his little nails just seem to grow so quickly. The challenge comes from the fact that his nails are so tiny, and his hand is so wiggly. It can make for a dangerous combo. and unfortunately has on a few occasions. But now that he’s hit the six month mark I’ve actually noticed a change in the size of his fingers and nails, (the slightly bigger size) making it easier to complete the baby manicure.

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I believe a little indulgence is good for everyone; from time to time you just have to treat yourself.  And for what reason? Merely because you deserve it! This is my philosophy and following it makes me happy. Some women love to shop, others prefer getting their hair done: my indulgence lies in the quiet of a home salon that I like to frequent every five or six weeks.  Lying quietly, and enjoying a pedicure is my thing.  Just over a year ago I decided that pedicures were something I wanted to treat myself to on a regular basis.  I love the relaxing atmosphere, and the way my feet look and feel after a good soak, scrub, massage and polish.  It was very easy to follow my pedicure schedule in the pre-Niko days, but once he was born I found myself wondering: Will I ever have time for another pedicure?

Day after day I noticed my old pedicure dwindling, slowly being clipped off by my own clippers, the polish growing out, and me left yearning for yet another visit to my esthetician.  But days and weeks passed and there really just didn’t seem to be a good time to go, until yesterday.  Borys had the day off work, so after we payed our respects to the veterans I headed out to get my feet done, and it was so worth it!  In talking with my pedicurist I found out that she is open for business in the evenings as well; this was music to my ears because it means the next time I need a pedicure I can wait until Borys is home from work, he can Niko-sit and I can go off and indulge in this lovely little foot treat! Happy feet make for a happy mommy!


I don’t particularly want Niko to pick up bad habits, but maybe if he just started biting his fingernails it would save me the hassle of clipping them for him! Since he was born, I have already done this onerous task three times and it looks like his nails are ready for yet again another cut! Man, they seem to grow fast. It’s just that his hand is so tiny and his nails even smaller, it really does make for a difficult task. The baby scissors I got as a gift, don’t work at all, so I have resorted to using small nail clippers which seem to do the trick; but one time the clipper pinched the end of his finger and now I am somewhat traumatized!

Thank goodness for baby mitts, as him wearing them allows me to procrastinate from clipping his nails for just a little bit longer. For now, he remains my sweet little mitten man, but I know he can’t wear these forever and sooner than later I will have to face my fear and just go for it, again. Considering the fact that Borys almost lost an eye yesterday, I think the time to clip is probably sooner than later.  Niko also inflicted a minor eyebrow injury on himself, which sort of makes him look like a bit of a bruiser!  Perhaps he is just preparing for life as a ninja master!

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