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I’ll won’t try not to take it personally. I mean it’s not like I spend all day with the kid seven days a week, or anything. No, why would his first word be “ma”? There’s no reason for it to be “ma”. I just have to accept the fact that it’s “da da”. Actually it’s more like “da” on repeat, so technically does that even count as a word? Daddy sure thinks it does…  But maybe, just maybe Niko’s a natural born Police fan and simply trying to hone his karaoke prowess by singing along with Sting: “Da da da da, is all I want to say to you…” Yah, that seems to make more sense. My baby’s brilliant and channeling Sting: that’s perfectly sensical, right?

Note: On occasion he’s started to say “mum” too. He’ll do a never ending string of “da”, and then throw in a short and curt “mum”, followed up by “da”on repeat. Lovely.

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