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As Niko and I go about our daily business, son and mother forging forward into the world and further and further down maternity leave lane, we are not left with much time to do anything other than sticking with our routines. Some of our routines are as follows: Niko making a daily event out of commandeering his spoon, me trying to keep up with the laundry that goes with cloth diapering (and being a housewife in general), Niko becoming more interactive and busy by the day, me trying my best to entertain a nine month old, all the while keeping up with my blog, surviving the daycare dilemma (we found one, and we like it!), surviving the real estate roller coaster (we’re moving this week!), and surviving the tribulations of making my own baby food (I sort of lost that battle), just to name a few.

Amidst these daily adventures, my aptitude for the outside world has virtually vanished. I think I needed a reminder that yes, a world does exist beyond my relationship with Niko, with Borys, and with Frasier. That beyond the confines of my condo, there is a world, and it is thriving (or diving, depending on your perspective). It has come to my attention (in my blitz of parenting) that I have almost completely put the outside world on hold, not giving much attention to what’s going on beyond my immediate life (and the lives of the celebrities that I love to read gossip about). Which, by the way, Speidi (not to be confused with the masked superhero, but rather a nickname for the infamous reality TV couple, Spencer Pratt and Plastic Barbi, I mean Heidi Montag), is apparently getting divorced. So while my celebrity prowess is not something I am necessarily proud of, I do realize that I need to extend my reach beyond the troubles faced weekly by the Kardashian sisters. (Who are these women anyway? And why are they famous? This I have yet to discover.) Anyway, I know there’s a newsy world out there, a world that my husband reads about daily, a world that the rest of the population hears about daily, a world that I indeed need to reenter. A world that doesn’t include tuning in to The Hills, The Bachelorette or the ultimate in guilty pleasures Pauly D and the Jersey Shore.

So, in an attempt to get reacquainted with things non-baby related, I have resigned myself (after a little coercion – which some may classify as teasing – from my husband) to read the daily headlines (and if interested, the accompanying stories) on the CBC website. And man, have I (re)discovered a whole new world. Crazy stuff is going on. Some of it I don’t read too much about (I mean time is still an issue), but others are just so pressing they can’t be ignored. And while I personally can’t do much to help these situations, I at least am (slowly) reeducating myself about the current events of our times. And you know what? It feels good.

So after this long spiel, you may be wondering what is at the forefront of news stories in June 2010. In the present it’s easy to list them off, but days, months, weeks, years?, heck, decades from now, when people look back on this amazing post, they may wonder: What was it she was viewing on the CBC website? What was it that was going on in June 2010? Here’s a brief list of some headlines from this month, and here’s hoping that I can continue to stay In Touch with more than celebrity gossip. I think I can. I think I can…

Gulf Clean Up Requires Billions, BP Told

BP Oil Spill Cap in Action: New Underwater Video of Gulf Leak

Harper’s Gaza Flotilla Response Riles Activists

Guatemala Sinkhole is Massive, Swallows Building

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The hunt is on. I am now fully engaged in the process of looking for daycare for this coming September. (Although I try to comfort myself by remembering that I still do have a full quarter of my mat. leave left. That’s a lot, right? Right. Right?!) Anyway, now that we know where we’ll be living this Fall, I’ve started looking for a daycare provider in that area. But there’s something about leaving my helpless little babe (OK, by then he’ll pretty much be a toddler, but still…) who can’t talk and tell me if something’s wrong, with a complete stranger for half his life, that just doesn’t bode well with me. Yikes! I guess this is just the way the system works: it’s a little unnerving. I mean, I’m sure most caregivers are perfectly fine, but it’s the horror stories that float through my head. Maybe I need to reprogram that tape, and remind myself that he will have fun there and probably make some friends. The socializing will be good for him… It’s OK Mommy, it’s OK.  Really, I’ve been fortunate to have a full year off with him, as I know in the States this is not the case: sometimes it’s just a few weeks and at best a few months. But still, this does not make the process any easier for me.

So, we’ve got three appointments lined up this week and I’m hoping that one of them will pan out. One thing’s for sure, I am not settling for daycare. If for whatever reason I don’t get a good feel from any of these places, I will not be sending my little monkey there and the search will have to continue. Ideally I want to find a caregiver that I am happy with and that Niko is happy with. We want him to be stimulated, well cared for, to bond with this person and I want to be able to trust her completely. Is this possible? I sure hope so.

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Times they are a changin’…

After countless get togethers, pizza lunches, walks, telephone counseling sessions, laughs, swim lessons, and milestones, we have come the end of an era. That’s right. My friend Traci, who’s been off on mat. leave with me, is going back to work tomorrow and her (not so) Little Eli is turning one in just a couple of weeks! Wow!

I used to be awestruck at the size of Eli: he’s three months older than Niko and in the life of a baby this makes a huge difference. But this week, as we had our last official mat. leave outing together (at least for this round of mat. leave), Traci and I were both surprised to see that Niko and Eli are almost the same size now! Amazing (to us), but not entirely surprising seeing as growth is the natural progression of life.

Note: Click the following links to see how much Niko and Eli have changed over the past few months: Beautiful November, Niko and Friends, The Nap Pack, His First Report Card.

Bringing Niko HomeSo…now that I am on maternity leave I have decided to start a blog and post my daily thoughts and experiences. I have officially been a mom since September 15th 2009, when my son Niko was born just after 8 am. That day was a total surprise because he was born exactly four weeks before his due date and we weren’t exactly ready.

I mean we had intended to be ready, but only by the due date which was October 13th. Some people say the 13th is an unlucky day, so maybe it’s better off this way anyway. Regardless, we were having all new hardwood floors put in, in hopes that they would be installed before the birth of our son! Surprise surprise, you can’t always plan the birthday of your child! Needless to say we are so happy to have him, despite the early challenges of him being in intensive care for two weeks.

In a glimpse the last five weeks have gone like this:

1) I had planned to take a month off before the birth of Niko. My last day of scheduled work (regardless of the premature delivery – which of course we did not know about) was September 14th. He was born on September 15th just after 8am – at least I had a few hours off. 🙂

2) My mom – aka. superwoman extraordinaire – came up to stay with Borys (my hubby) and I for two weeks. She cooked, cleaned and supported me like a champ. Because I had a c-section I was super limited to what I could actually do, and she was there for all my needs and more! I seriously appreciate all she has done. I think she felt bad that Niko was in intensive care, or maybe she just didn’t get enough “Grandma time” in, but she also came back for another whole week, and is here with me right now: cleaning and cooking as I type – what a multi-tasker!

3) After my mom’s first two week stay, Borys took two weeks off and cooked, cleaned and supported me like a champ as well! And, of course, it was great to have some quality time together as a family!

4) Oh no…the baby is squirming, or grunting which is what he actually does more of than real crying. I better go see what the fuss is, but I think it means he’s HUNGRY!

5) Feeding him, sure does take a lot of time! But, man have I caught up on my TV! Rogers on Demand, has really introduced me to some new shows. Since the birth of Niko, I have caught up on and started watching: Glee, Mad Men, Melrose Place, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife and of course the wonderful – My Super Sweet 16 – I wish I could have a party like that!

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