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I’ll won’t try not to take it personally. I mean it’s not like I spend all day with the kid seven days a week, or anything. No, why would his first word be “ma”? There’s no reason for it to be “ma”. I just have to accept the fact that it’s “da da”. Actually it’s more like “da” on repeat, so technically does that even count as a word? Daddy sure thinks it does…  But maybe, just maybe Niko’s a natural born Police fan and simply trying to hone his karaoke prowess by singing along with Sting: “Da da da da, is all I want to say to you…” Yah, that seems to make more sense. My baby’s brilliant and channeling Sting: that’s perfectly sensical, right?

Note: On occasion he’s started to say “mum” too. He’ll do a never ending string of “da”, and then throw in a short and curt “mum”, followed up by “da”on repeat. Lovely.

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Well, Niko (and I) were completely spoiled yesterday! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening.  My friends organized a shower for him and held it at a local hotel.  Of course Niko was the charmer of the party, being the only male, and was passed from arm to arm, impressing everyone with his alert eyes, and stylish clothes (thanks Gramma!).

My friend Alison made adorable little sugar cookies in the shape of babies and Ns, and Heather made an awesome baby buggy cake! Once Niko had opened all his gifts, Daddy picked him up and it turned into ladies night out: Vietnamese dinner, followed by rock’n’bowl, then karaoke. Is there really any better way to spend a night out?! It was perf!

For years the lyrics to Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s song Push It have spontaneously and sporadically been running through my head. Salt N Pepa I will be sitting in my car or walking down the street and bust into: “Yo yo yo, yo baby pop, hey you come here give me a kiss, better make it fast, or else I’m gonna get…” and so on.  Now, I am far from a rapper (although I do love a good karaoke session), but for whatever reason these lyrics have stuck with me since I heard them back in middle school.  So much so, that yesterday morning I couldn’t help but start singing them to Niko: to the tune of “Oh baby, baby – ooh baby baby, oh baby baby, ooh baby baby. Yo yo yo, yo baby pop, hey you come here give me a kiss…” etc.

When I started rapping out this tune, I got an unexpected surprise from my baby boy: a huge grin.  It seems he was impressed by my impeccable recall of these outdated lyrics. A few hours later I tried the song again, and again a huge smile.  When Borys got home from work I told him about my Salt ‘N’ Pepa discovery and we rapped it out to him together, and sure enough were rewarded with that big smile of his! I can only imagine what must be going through Niko’s head, seeing his parents gazing down at him, only about a foot from his face, and letting loose our funky rhythms. Once again this morning, we busted out our rap skillz and Niko was entertained.  It seems he genuinely likes the throwback to this mid-to-late 80s hip hop group.

Note1: Curious about the song Push It? Check it out by clicking here.

Note 2: This is Niko’s first smile that we were able to catch on camera.

Niko Laugh 1

Niko Laugh

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