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Today marks the day that Niko will be taking his first flight(s)! Do seat sales automatically mean flights with stopovers? Well, I know now that the answer to that question is no. But how was I to know that when WestJet offers seat sales, so does Air Canada, but the flights from Air Canada are direct?! Oh well, I am now resigned to the fact that Niko and I will be taking a leisurely journey to Halifax today and stopping over in Toronto to catch our next flight.

A few weeks ago I got an email from WestJet about the seat sales, and Niko was enticed! So we booked a flight to Halifax to visit his Great Grandparents and a few other relatives; we are going for six days in total and staying with Natalie, Darren, Charlotte and Lauren. And once again I am left wondering about the baby logistics of it all: how will we manage? In talking with friends and family they all assure me that I we will be just fine, and I know this journey will help to build my “travel with baby” confidence -although sometimes I think it is a bit of a crazy trip to be making on my own. But, I think I just need to remember what is at the end of the flights (yes flights – the joy of seat sales, remember?!): keep my eye on the prize, you know?  There will be lots of hugs, loving arms, and smiles waiting for us in the city of Halifax – it’s just the getting there that’s getting to me. But all in all (just like child birth 😉 ), it is just one day and we will make it through some way or another. Now, Halifax or bust!

The arrivals sections at any airport terminal is usually one of happiness, coupled with all the happy reunions of friends and family, (unless you are one of those poor souls who steps out into the terminal, eagerly scanning the crowd, looking for your people, only to discover they have yet to arrive, leaving you feeling despondent). Anyway, yesterday Niko and I happily made the trek to the Ottawa airport to pick up Ciocia Ola and as we waited for her to come through customs, we had a good half hour on our hands and I couldn’t help but notice (and be happily amused by) all the different types of hugs that were happening around me as family and friends were reunited after their flights, for the holidays. Certain types of hugs really made an impression on me:

1. The “I haven’t seen you in so long, and I’m gonna run into your arms, Grandma” hug.  This one was between a girl, perhaps 5 years old, and her Grandma.  When the little girl saw her, she ran towards her screaming with glee and wrapped her little arms tightly around her waist.

2. The “I am overjoyed to see you, let’s hug and jump around in tight little circles” hug. This one was between two friends or perhaps sisters.

3. The “Man” hug. This was between two men: it was the I’m happy to see you but we’re men, so let’s hug and clap each other firmly on the back at the same time.

4. The “Torso” hug.  This happened when a woman came out of customs, saw her friend or sister, but her arms were laden with suitcases, so she kept her hands on the suitcases and offered her torso up for hugging, and hugged it was, very tightly.

5. The “I missed my daughters” hug.  This was between a woman and her two young daughters.  The woman broke into tears when she saw them and I saw her mouth the words, “I missed you!” and she picked them up and hugged them tightly through her tears.

6. The “long, extended” hug. This happened when the two people met up and simply wrapped their arms tightly around each other and stood still, just hugging quietly for quite some time.

7. The “I missed my husband” hug. Enough said.

8. The “I’m Grandma and I missed my three grandsons” hug. This one happened when Grandma ecstatically hugged her tween-age boys from behind, squeezing them while they sort of just looked on…

9. The “We’re men, let’s just shake hands instead of hugging” hug.

10. The “I’ll crouch down low so I can hug my kid” hug: little arms locked in adult arms.

So anyway, as Niko and I waited, and I passed the time being amused by all the forms of hugging going on around us, I couldn’t help but wonder what type of hug Niko and I would get when Ola arrived.  So, after a little while more of just waiting, watching and analyzing the hugs around me, we saw our pregnant Ola coming through customs, scanning the crowd, and searching for her people.  I waved and called out her name, we made eye contact, she wheeled her suitcases over and our hug was as follows: it was a “I’m pregnant and emotional so I’m gonna cry” hug, mixed with a bit of  “long, extended”, and a dash of “I’m overjoyed to see you, so let’s just jump a little”! After we finished our hugging and Niko met his Ciocia Ola, we loaded up the car and headed home to begin our Christmas holiday together and tackle the naked Christmas tree!

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