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Let me preface this entry with an ode to my blog. Oh how I’ve missed you… (OK, that’s it, now on with the post…)

In my last post I mentioned that I had little time because the real estate wheels were turning. And wow, they sure do turn quickly here in Ottawa. After only one day on the market, our place has (conditionally) sold, and Borys and I are very happy with the outcome!

I guess now is a good time to start really looking for our new place of residence, otherwise we could be camping out in Dziadzio’s living room until we find our next abode. And while that’s a generous offer from Dziadzio, I do foresee some challenges with our whole entourage (Borys, Niko, Frasier and I) moving in on Dziadzio, Wasabi (the cat), and Roman (Dziadzio’s roomate). Anyway, our closing date is flexible, which is great. We don’t want to settle for just any house (hence the appeal of living room conditions). We want something that we really like and can see ourselves living in for quite some time. So that said, let the hunt begin.

I’m curious to know where this hunt will take us? Hopefully somewhere in Ottawa as opposed to the outskirts. Hopefully somewhere with a yard for Niko to play in and of course Frasier too! Already we’ve packed some stuff into a storage unit and as I was shipping those item off I couldn’t help but wonder: where will these boxes be, the next time they’re opened?!

Anyway, we’re pumped (and blossoming real estate agents to boot)!

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