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The other day as Borys and I were walking with Niko and Frasier, Niko secured on Daddy’s chest in the Baby Bjorn, I found myself squinting into the sun and thinking it would be great if Niko had a pair of baby sunglasses. Now, recent studies claim that “baby brain” or “mommy brain” (the tendency for pregnant women and new mothers to easily forget) really doesn’t exist. But you know what? I beg to differ. Most women I talk to about this seem to think that at some point during their pregnancy or during motherhood they have indeed suffered bouts of  “baby brain”.  Anyway, I digress…

As I was thinking about how great it would be to own baby sunglasses, I realized that Niko actually already had a pair – another wonderful hand-me-down from his cousin John Russell (and a good example of me being able to claim “baby brain” to excuse my forgetfulness). For it wasn’t until I realized he needed them that I realized we had them! Of course when you’re out and about in the sun, it’s a little too late for that memory of be of use, especially considering I had no idea what “safe place” I had put them in. After returning home and going through a few possible “safe places” I hit the jackpot and found the shades!

Today my entourage and I headed out again, but not before I remembered about the Baby Banz, as they are called. I put them on Niko while we were still inside, just to test them out and his reaction was hilarious! He was moving his head all around, quickly from left to right, looking up and down, rapidly checking things out in this new darker world (and I caught a moment – albeit not the best one – of it on video). Anyway, he seemed to tolerate them pretty well, so I bundled him up and away we went. I happened to bring along my digital camera as I wanted to take some pics for a project I am working on for my nieces and nephew, and the camera also afforded me the ability to check up on my little guy who is front facing in the carrier and completely out of my view: by snapping a quick picture I could easily see what he was up to. Good thing I had the camera, because at one point I noticed the Baby Banz were, let’s just say slightly askew, as you can see in the accompanying picture below!

Note to self: Next time we bust out the sunglasses for Niko, strap them on a little tighter Mom!

Upon having Niko we were lucky to come into many hand-me-downs courtesy of friends and family, and also many wonderful shower gifts as well.  Niko’s cousin John Russell is just about two years older than him, so lots of hand-me-downs came are way via JR. One of the best things we got was a car seat cozy. If you’re not sure what that is, basically it’s a liner for the car seat that goes over the buckles and then zips around the baby like a little cocoon. The one we got from John Russell, had also been passed down to him from his sisters Claire and Audra – so this cozy had been well loved, and we were looking forward to using it too.

The cozy is a nice gender neutral red on the outside, but the inside is white and decorated with dozens of dancing ballerina bears! Niko’s Aunt Marion commented to me that one day when John Russell was out and about in his car seat, a woman stopped her and said something like: “What a beautiful baby! What’s her name”? HER NAME?! Marion, went on to tell the lady that it was her son not her daughter, and it was also at that moment that she clued in to the decor on the lining of the cozy – ballerina bears! No wonder that woman thought John Russell was a girl – but up until then, and not until her third child did Marion notice the ballerinas and the fact that perhaps this car seat cozy wasn’t as gender neutral as she had previously thought.

When I got it, I went ahead and used it too, but seeing as I was aware of the tutu clad bears, I have always wondered if people think Niko is a little girl due the dancers. Well, it turns out that the ballerina cozy didn’t exactly fit Niko’s car seat, so I ended up cutting it up the back with scissors and duct taping it back together to modify for Niko’s particular car seat (after which I actually realized that it could have fit without being cut – but that’s the beauty of hindsight I guess, and a little duct tape never did anyone any harm, right?!).

Anyway, today I was going through some of the hand-me-downs that await Niko for the future, and I discovered that another friend had also given us a car seat cozy – also gender neutral red, but sans ballerinas, and sans duct tape – who am I kidding, duct tape on a cozy only serves to give it a certain ghetto sheik. Ghetto sheik? Who am I kidding again, duct tape serves only to make it look ghetto! So, I transferred the new-to-us cozy (thanks Danielle) to the car seat, and now Niko can sit comfortably not being surrounded by those menacing bears! Although really, I don’t think they ever did bother him too much!

Note: If you look closely at the attached pictures, you can see the tutu bears for yourself.

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