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Isn’t it funny how sometimes Christmases end up having a theme to the gifts? I remember growing up and sometimes it would The Body Shop Christmas, where everyone got presents from The Body Shop, or a Victoria’s Secret Christmas, where we all seemed to get something in those pink and white striped boxes.  Well, now that I think of it, I am not sure how my brother Greg fared those years, but my sisters and I were all satisfied.  Anyway, if we had to give a theme to this year’s Christmas, it would be the Christmas of  Cinnamon (Reindeer) and Frasier (DVDs): we all got Cinnamon!, and funnily enough Borys and I both got Season 10 of Frasier (see picture above).

Now that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have come and gone and Boxing Day is here, I realize that the person with the most boxes is definitely Niko! We opened most of our presents on Christmas Eve at Dziadzio’s house, and I played the roll of the Christmas elf, complete with a Santa hat and all.  (We tried to give Frasier the job, but he was too distracted with terrorizing Wasabe the cat – who you can see hiding behind a present in one of the pictures below. Plus after he opened his presents, all he could do was focus on them – alternating back and forth between the two.)

As I pulled presents from under the tree, I tried to even it out so that each person opened one present at a time, and all the other people got a present before that person got to open another one.  But, this task was made impossible because of the generosity of Niko’s extended family! It seemed that almost every present I pulled out had his name on it: lucky little dude! That said, he is now decked out in the coolest clothes, reading the greatest books and playing with the best toys! He was spoiled, but he told me he loved it, and is thankful for all his gifts but also for getting to spend this holiday season with such great family (except for the fact that he really missed his Uncle Bruce, who was stuck working in Orlando).

ElfChristmas is looming: just six weeks away as of today (and five more weeks until Ciocia Ola arrives :)). Niko is pumped that Santa will be coming to our house; well maybe’s he’s not exactly as pumped as we are, but regardless it will be fun celebrating our first Christmas with our son.  Borys and I don’t always get a Christmas tree seeing as half the time we are out of town and the other half we celebrate at his dad’s house, but this year we think a tree is a must and want to start our family off on the right foot in regards to this holiday tradition.  I think trees come in at Home Depot around the 25th of November, so maybe we will be early birds and start celebrating the season then.

Niko has already put on his elf costume and has been practicing his hip-hop elf moves.  Check out the video (it’s short and worth it), with sound on, at the following link ( to see our little munchkin – and the rest of our family – in action! Happy Holidays everyone!

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