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We’ve been pleasantly busy this week with our long distance visitors. First it was Auntie Susie and then a couple of nights ago Aunt Carolyn and Uncle E drove in to Ottawa (en route to Halifax) for a visit. Seeing as they live abroad (Uganda and East Timor) this is the first time they’ve met their little nephew. And they came bearing so many gifts! Aunt C generously spoiled us with all her wares from abroad. So for today, Niko has a Mama decked out in something out of the norm: a long and flowy colourful sundress, three pink bangles made from animal horn, a pair of pink hooped earrings made from bone, and a thick beaded necklace.

Niko seems to like the new look; I just have to remember to be aware of what’s dangling from my ears. Otherwise, I could end up in a painful situation as his curious (check out his curiosity in the bottom pic) little hands grab hold of the hoops. And already he’s reached for them, and thankfully I was aware. So hopefully I can keep that up. Niko was also spoiled with a really cool silhouetted elephant painting, as well as two little jungle finger puppets, and an elephant that pops out of a cone (which actually reminds of a toy that fascinated me as a child).

*10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1* The traditional New Year’s countdown happened last night at Steve and Steph’s house, followed by “Happy New Years” all around. That’s Happy New Year with a period: hold the exclamation point please. I guess that’s what happens when you ring in the New Year with two babies that are awake and two that are sleeping – it’s still celebratory, but the celebration is taken down a notch – at least in the volume! A great time was had as we rung in the New Year with friends and their babies (and one on the way…), Niko even made it to midnight so that he, Borys and I got to celebrate together and enjoy our first family hug for 2010 at the stroke of midnight.

New Year’s Day is often a time for reflection: looking back on the previous year and forward to the next. As I think back over the year 2009, lots of things have happened. The year started off with a wedding and ended with a funeral: what an interesting cycle.

A quick year in review is as follows:

January – Carolyn and Eliot wed on December 31, 2008 and on New Year’s Day we celebrate their wedding over brunch at Earl and Barb’s house.

February – Borys and I find out we are having a baby (due October 13) and are super excited to welcome this little peanut into our family.

March – Borys, Andrew and I travel to Orlando to visit Ola and Bruce.

April – My mom and I travel to Houston, Texas to visit my dad for Easter. Borys and I get a poodle pup and name him Frasier (after the character on the TV show – our favourite!).

May – Borys and I find out we are expecting a little boy!

June – The girls’ camping weekend tradition continues, but with two of us (Heather and I) pregnant, we do it sans portaging.

July – Borys and I take a road trip to the East coast to visit family, stopping in St. John along the way.

August – Borys and I celebrate our 6th anniversary (at the annual regatta). I find out I have been selected to carry the Olympic Torch in December!

September – Nikolai Gregory (our breech baby) is born via c-section exactly four weeks before his due date and ends up in the NICU for 13 days.  My mom comes to help out with the new baby for three weeks, and it is wonderful to have her experience, care and expertise so close at hand! The Ottawa Gals throw an amazing and thoughtful baby shower for Niko. Ola and Bruce are happy to find out they are expecting a baby in May. Carolyn moves from East Timor to Uganda to continue with her humanitarian work. Greg moves to Nice, France to start his Masters.

October – Niko is gaining weight and overall a very healthy baby, and of course we are thrilled to have him home with us!

November – The Simcoe Gals organize and throw an amazing shower for Niko in Ottawa, and we celebrate my birthday.

December – I run with the Olympic Flame and my mom and Marion and her whole family come to Ottawa to help celebrate. Ola and Bruce happily discover they will be having a little girl. Carolyn and Eliot decide to make Uganda their permanent home (for now). Grandad T passes away.

Note: I like to call the picture below, Daddies on Duty.

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