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Video Clip: Baby Niko Growls Like a Tiny Tiger (O:33)

As new(ish) parents we are always anticipating that next milestone. One of these awaited milestones is when our little man will start talking. As of now, he’s got a few sounds on the go (dada, mama, fafa, vava, ado, adi (Is that Alli?), etc.), but so far no real words, or at least it doesn’t seem he’s associating anything he says to anything tangible. Actually, the other day he seems to have discovered his inner tiger and started to make a lot of growling noises, and not just once, but many times over. “Grrr, grr grr,” goes my baby.

Oh those delightful first words. As parents you wonder: What will his first word be? Will it be
“mama” or “dada”? When will he say it? You get the idea.

We discovered earlier on that Niko’s first word was “Dada”, but I reckon that’s only because Daddy repeatedly says “Dada” to our little babe. And good on him, because “Dada” was indeed Niko’s first word/sound. (Truth be told, we don’t quite know if Niko is aware of what “Dada” means, but he sure does like to say it.) So then there was me, just sitting in wait for “Mama”. I tried Borys’ trick and put “Mama” on repeat in my daily vocabulary: thinking if he heard it enough he would be bound to say it sooner than later. Even Daddy joined in, and now says “Mama” over and over again to our little sweetheart. Buy before “Mama” other sounds stated showing up: va va and fa fa (I swear if he says “Frasier” before he’s says “Mama”, that’ll be something…).

Actually, months ago we thought Little N Bomb was saying “Mama”, and this was even in the pre “dada” days. It sort of sounded like “Mama” was being spewed from his vocal chords when we was wailing – say going to sleep or just not happy about something in general. But alas, that was only when the little tyke had worked himself into a tizzy, and he spouted it out only at the most inconsolable climax of his crying. So again, it’s me, waiting, just waiting.

For a while he dropped the angry “mama” and replaced it with just regular run of the mill sobbing. Then this week, his upset “mama” came back to life, in full force. The key to him saying it, is that he has to be upset about something, and then it is a clear “mama” or a short and curt series of “mum, mum, mum, mum”. So, despite the fact that he only seems to say it when he’s sad (and Borys thinks he’s saying it during those moments because he’s looking for comfort from his “mama”), I’m just glad I beat out Frasier in the line of Niko’s first words. Not that it’s a competition…

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