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Laundry – something that can be done at any time of the day, but if you’ve forgotten to transfer the stuff to the dryer and need your clothes for work the next day it sort of becomes a late night chore. As of late my husband Borys has been finishing his with late night pizazz.

A few nights ago as we were getting ready for bed, I was brushing my teeth and he came to me holding a teensy tiny top and asked, “Can this go in the dryer?” This is a testament to the fact that on occasion both of us have put things (our own things and each others) in there that didn’t belong, resulting in smurf-like attire – not a good situation for anyone involved. “What happened to my favourite jeans?!” Actually, since having a baby I have made this mistake more frequently – perhaps a reflection of my mommy state of mind: multi-tasking on little sleep. Anyway, he came in holding up one of Niko’s cotton tops.  In the dryer? Yes. In my opinion all baby clothes fit the dryer category – but good on him for asking, wasn’t it?! 🙂

Having a baby really does get us in touch with our silly side – not that Borys or I ever really lost touch with that side. But now that we have Niko, there are just so many more options for silliness. It’s amazing all the crazy – or put in a more positive light, creative – things you can come up with as a parent.  I mean, I am constantly singing to Niko, and while some of the songs are typical baby ones, mostly I just make songs up about what we are doing at the time. For example, I might sing to him about going upstairs, changing his diaper, getting ready to go outside, having a bath, etc. These made-up songs are usually one hit wonders, never to be heard again, but at the time they do seem to entertain the little fellow (and his mom).

So, while I am the one to make up random songs, Borys has taken to something we like to call Saxophone Baby. Simply put this is when Daddy holds Niko and pertends he’s a saxophone, playing along to whatever music may be on the radio or coming from the internet! It’s adorable to see, and Niko seems to enjoy the silliness and loves playing the part of the saxophone!

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