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Who wants to be the person on the plane with the crying baby? Not me, not me! Who was the person on the plane with a crying baby? I was, I was! Oh, joy!

Yes, I was that person who is one of the last ones to get on the plane – seeing as I was tending to Niko’s diaper – and walks on with a baby, all eyes wondering in paralyzed fear: is this mother and her babe going to be sitting by me? Well, halfway down the plane I plunked us into our window seat – a row of three, where thankfully the middle seat was empty, and the aisle seat was taken by a pleasant traveler in his 50s who reminisced with me about traveling to Acapulco with his daughter when she was only three months old. So at least he was somewhat understanding of the crying, but nonetheless it does not make for a mommy-comfortable situation when your baby is testing out his lung capacity before the plane has even left the ground.  All in all, the intense crying – because there is a difference between intense crying and the stifled cries that followed- probably only lasted for about five minutes, but time ticks along slowly when you are trying to calm your baby in a cramped space. And what seemed to calm him? The bounce’n’jiggle jig of course! You know that move where you bounce your baby on your knee, facing you, facing away from you, hold him up and jiggle him a little – whatever works!

I did find temporary relief when the stewardess came over the intercom and said, “We will be together for 2 hours and 14 minutes…blah blah blah”, I tuned out once I heard the time. Ok, just over two hours, WE CAN DO THIS! But then, five minutes later, when we still hadn”t left the ground, she pretty much repeated the same thing! What?! So I guess she must be referring to flying time, because even 15 minutes later, when we were finally in the air the countdown had not moved anywhere: still 2 hours and 14 min (of fun, I might add!). When Niko continued to cry, despite my best efforts at the bounce’n’jiggle jig, my friendly seatmate suggested he might be thirsty and also went on to say: “When the air pressure gets to be too much for your baby’s ears you better have cotton to put in them”. Hmm…I think I will just file that information under Usefulness Pending.

But, once we were in the air Niko pretty much calmed down, other than a few baby squeaks here and there. Phewf!

You often see those little yellow signs on cars, suctioned to the inside of the back window and reading Baby or Board!. My question is: do these signs really work? When a driver sees them, are they more cautious? Do they actually process the sign and think about the little babe that may be traveling in the car in front of them? In talking with friends and family, most of them seem to think that the whole Baby on Board! thing is bunk.  But I suppose the scientific jury is still out, and a proper study would need to be done to know if these signs help make the roads safer or only serve as a distraction to other drivers.

One thing’s for certain: I have become a safer driver since the birth of little Niko, and not because I have a Baby on Board! sign, because I don’t have one. I suppose the increase in safety measures is mainly due to the fact that I am carting around precious cargo, but I also chalk it up to the calming effects driving seems to have on my little guy. Quite often when we are getting ready to go somewhere Niko becomes overly dramatic and starts in with the tears.  This could partially be a result of the fact that it is winter, and by the time I get him adequately bundled for the frigid temperatures and buckled into his car seat, he is probably a touch overheated! But, regardless of his temperature once I get the crying babe into the car, the car turned on, and we hit the streets, it doesn’t take long for him to calm down.  And it’s not like he goes to sleep (although sometimes he does), it just seems that the movement of the car has a calming effect.

This is where the me becoming a safer driver part comes in.  While the movement of the car calms him, coming to a complete stop has the reverse effect. So now, whenever I come up to a stop light I brake from a further (and safer) distance, just so I can extend the length of time that the car remains in motion, in an attempt to maintain that calm state. My ultimate goal being that once I get to lights it will have changed to green and I can just roll on through never actually having to cease movement (although that seems to be a rare occurrence). So while my baby is chilling in the backseat, I have to say the roads have become just a little bit safer.

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