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Prada. Fendi. Coach. Louis Vuitton. Roots.

What do the above have in common? They make handbags! And while the first four may be on many women’s wish lists, my heart has always been after the last one. Maybe it’s because I’m a Canadian gal, but I have always salivated over that soft Italian leather used in making Roots handbags. I just love it. I go into the store and just look and dream and hope. That was, until a couple of days ago. I decided to put all the looking and dreaming and hoping aside and just bite the bullet and buy one. After all, I am a 32 year old woman. I’ve wanted one of these purses forever. So why the heck not? I deserve it, right? It’s not like I splurge all the time. Yup, I had made up my mind and Borys was 100% behind me (good man that he is): “You want it? Go buy it!” Yes! Finally I would have my very own Canadian made, Italian leather, Roots handbag. And seeing as I had been browsing in the store last week I knew exactly which one I wanted.

So, post swimming lessons, the Little N man was TKO and off to the mall we went. I made a beeline to Roots, found the purse, admired it over my shoulder for about ten minutes and then went for it. Yup, I am now the proud owner of my dream purse!

With my purse purchase in the bag, we went home. I fed Little Niko, he went for a nap and then I had time to admire and reconnect with my brand new purse. I pulled it out of the bag, loving the feel of the leather, strapped it over my should and went to take a look in the mirror. When to my horror I discovered it still had the security tag fastened to the zipper?! What!? Grr…Now I had to make a return trip to the mall (which isn’t my favourite place to begin with) and get the tag snapped off. Later that night I ventured out, back the mall, and into the Roots store and this is what unfolded.

Sales Clerk: Hi, welcome to Roots. How can I help you?

Me: I bought a purse here today but the girl forgot to remove the security tags.

SC: Do you have your receipt?

Me: Yes.

SC: Ok let me see it.

Me: Ok.

SC: Ok, no problem then. (Then she proceeded to undo the tag, sneeze twice on my bag and hand it back to me with a smile!).

I just took the purse and got the heck out there. All the while thinking, “No problem? That’s all she had to say!” How about, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience!” No Problem? Well yes it was a problem!  I had to hike my butt back to the mall to get this tag off. Yes, that is a problem! Grrr. I was fuming. But why didn’t I say that to her? To be fair, I was in recovery mode from her sneezing on my dream purse. I mean I barely wanted to touch it for a few seconds. So I just stuffed it back in my shopping bag.

But I wish I would have said something. I guess that’s why they say Hindsight is 20/20.

111: this is the number of times and days that I nominated myself to carry the Olympic torch, and all that persistence paid off. Today has been a long time coming, since I first saw the Coke ad on TV last February asking if I wanted to carry the Olympic flame. Carry the flame?! It didn’t take long for me to realize with an emphatic YES, that this was definitely something I wanted to do! So I went online, looked into the details and started nominating myself.  After a few months I got randomly selected to go to the next round and write a brief essay -around 200 words – about how I live an active lifestyle (see Active Living essay below).

The beginning of my Olympic Torch Relay dream pretty much coincided with Borys and me happily discovering I was pregnant with Niko, but seeing as he was due in October and the torch would be coming through Ottawa in December, I figured I would be good to go for the Torch Relay! And good to go I was! What an amazing, amazing experience: one that will be etched clearly in my memory (and in the hundreds of pictures that friends and family took!) for the rest of my life!

Niko was an amazing baby too! Even though I was fretting about the “baby logistics”, I really didn’t need to worry seeing as he happily slept through most of the morning and we were back home by noon.

Active Living: A Lifelong Commitment

I have always lived an active lifestyle.  I have trained for half-marathons, triathlons and also a marathon.   I participated in these events with long-distance friends; we updated each other on our training and would finally meet up on race day to run together.  One friend told me that she ran a half-marathon because of something I said to her.  I told her if she could run a 10km race, then she could do a half-marathon.  She took it to heart, started training, and eventually we both ran the Ottawa half-marathon in 2006.

Teaching has given me the opportunity to share my passion for an active lifestyle.  I have participated in student vs. teacher sports, and have coached cross-country and football.  In 2005 I was inspired by my Director of Education to start karate.  A friend and I started together and progressed through all the belts, which culminated in our black belt exam in June 2008.  I have since continued with karate, and now have my mind set on earning my second degree black belt.  My husband and I are expecting our first baby this October! Throughout my pregnancy I have remained an active participant in karate and aim to maintain this as a lifelong form of exercise.

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