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We often wait until something has gone awry in our lives before we decide to make a change. Just to illustrate, you might think: I’ve put on a few extra pounds, so I’m going to start working out, or my lungs are suffering so I’m going to quit smoking, or I’ve lost touch with some great friends, so I’m going to make more of an effort. And this list could go on and on.  Or sometimes waiting until January 1st is more our style: I will resolve to a better person this year by __________ (fill in the blank with a resolution of your choice – whatever that may be).

But why do we wait for something to go wrong or God forbid for some tragedy to happen before we decide to make positive changes in our lives? Is it because we are lazy? No, I don’t think so. I think it has something to do with the fact that at times clarity comes more easily once we come face to face with our downfalls, or have dealt with something life altering. Then I wonder, if we know there’s something that can improve our lifestyle or the world in general, then why not make a change now?! After all you don’t have to wait for the New Year, or a special occasion to make a change! Just like Anne of Green Gables said: “Marilla, isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”. That’s right; tomorrow is mistake free! So why not aim to keep it that way by making some changes for the better?

You may have guessed by the images around this entry, that what I am really getting at here is cellphone use while driving.  I think we (at least most of us) are all guilty of using our cellphones while at the wheel. I know I am. I mean how many times have I put off a phone call, until I got into the car, because that seemed like the only time I could fit it in? But after watching an episode of Oprah this week, I am now rethinking this habit.  According to statistics, people who chat on a cellphone while driving are four times more likely to end up in an accident (the same stats are also true for drunk driving), and people who text while driving are eight times more likely: so texting while driving, is statistically more dangerous than driving while impaired! Anyway, people are dying from these bad habits. Apparently talking on the phone – even if you are using a headset – causes some sort of peripheral blindness and blinds the driver from seeing all that is going on out on the streets.

Blind while driving?! This is a serious danger! Maybe it’s time to rethink cellphone use in the car: at least this is something I am going to rethink. I mean it’s not like I use my cell phone a lot, but all it takes is one time to get into an accident and the consequences could be deadly! Do I want to put my baby or my family or strangers into this kind of jeopardy? No! Is it convenient to use a cell phone in the car? Yes. But is it worth the risks? No! Let’s stop this nasty habit before more lives are put in danger by something that is so preventable!

Although the images I’ve chosen for this blog entry are serious but on the humourous side,  I did have my pick from a barrage of really graphic ones, and if you want to see some, just Google them yourself, and perhaps that will help to further drive this message home. But my point is: Let’s “hear the call” and stop cellphone use while driving! Keep your families safe on the roads and make a change now. It’s simple to do, and although yes, it could be a bit of an inconvenience, isn’t it worth if for the safety of you, your family and all the other innocent drivers out there?

On the best of days the mall is not a place where I really choose to spend too much time: the crowds and people with their one track minds are just something I like to avoid.  That said, the mall at Christmas time is definitely not a favourite hangout.  But, in an attempt to get a start on my Christmas shopping, I headed out to the mall today.  Armed with a list and having a direct mission in mind…oh oh, baby’s crying, I will be back…

One hour later, and I am back…

So, like I was saying, today I headed for the mall.  Being a Saturday, Borys was home for most of the day and able to watch Niko so I could go out alone and get some serious shopping done.  I had it all planned out: I fed the baby, and then was out the door thinking that would maximize the amount of time I could get away.  Well, after rushing through Toys’R’Us, I made it to two other stores before my cellphone started ringing…

Borys: Umm…Alli? How much longer will you be? Niko’s crying and there’s a virus on our computer!

Me: A virus on the computer? Oh no! I will be home right away! (I joke…)

Anyway, I finished up at the store and headed home.  It’s amazing what I can accomplish in one hour now, as opposed to the pre-Niko days.  (I am sure the list helped a lot.) Actually, maybe my cell phone ringing was a blessing in disguise, saving me from the Christmas-crazed shoppers – of which, I myself had also become by this point. Oh well, there’s still a few more days until Christmas, and at least some of the shopping is complete!

On the day Niko was born I sent out a text message via my cellphone to friends and family that we had had a baby boy, four weeks early!  At the time I sent a hasty and excited message that went something like this: “Baby surprise today! Nico Gregory weighing in at just under 6lbs”.  When I got home from the hospital, I also sent out some pics via email of our new son, some of which were labeled Nico and some that were labeled Niko.

Before Niko was born, Borys and I had discussed the spelling of his name.  Would it be Nico or Niko? I didn’t have too much of a preference, but Borys really wanted it with a “K”.  So, Niko with a “K” is what we decided on.  However, in the haste and excitement of the messages I first sent out, I misspelled his name.  This would probably explain the confusion some of my friends and family now have about spelling his name. It is my fault! I am the one who has confused everyone, and now this is an attempt to set the record straight, to give our son a single identity, and let people know his name is officially Niko with a “K” :).

Note: Niko’s full name is actually Nikolai.

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