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Niko and I were so happy to greet my long time friend (so long that I have a picture of her at my Grade 1 birthday party) to our new place yesterday. That’s right, Auntie Susie’s in town for a visit and staying for an extended weekend.

And upon her arrival, how did we show our love and affection for this wonderful guest? Well, let’s see… Niko and I greeted her at the door and I gave her a huge hug, at which point Susie swooped in and took a willing Niko into her arms. Niko was all smiles and curious about this new friendly face and it wasn’t all of about two minutes before he grabbed a firm hold of her boob! And he just wouldn’t let go. He had it grasped firmly in his clenches and seemed really tickled about the whole thing. What a guy! Or is he just an aspiring and confused ventriloquist?

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