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This week’s kitchen adventures with my trusty toddler in tow, involved making smoothies! We’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and Niko loves to press the buttons on the blender. (Too bad I broke it yesterday as I was putting it away. Yes, smashed the glass and everything. I guess smoothies will be on hold for a while until we get a replacement. But this brings me to wonder: blender vs food processor? What’s the best way to go? Thoughts? But I digress.)

Yesterday our ingredients included:

  • a banana
  • frozen berries
  • some grapefruit juice
  • and Greek yogurt (as per my friend Traci’s suggestion, Greek yogurt is packed with protein: 11 or 12 grams per serving!)

The end results?


Note 1: What would smoothie making be without the watchful eyes of some Thomas trains…

Note 2:


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Week 3: Carrot Applesauce Cookies

Week 4: Lemon Yogurt Anything Cake

Week 5: Chocolate Chickpea Cookies

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