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Remember that song from the early 90s that goes like this: “I’m looking at you, you’re looking at me, we’re looking at we. You know I can’t stop, how I feel… “ Well, I was reminded of that song the other day when Lena and Niko were gazing over at each other while showing off their swing skills.

Yes, Lady Lena and Baby Niko are swing partners (at less than one year old). Not to be confused with the once popular dance moves, but actual swing partners, like on a swing set. They looked so cute when I took these pics and it reminded of that old song mentioned above, by After 7. Each of them were taking turns looking over at the other until finally there was that moment where they locked eyes. So while their swinging remains the type that takes place on a swing set, who knows maybe in a couple of years they’ll be busting out the old school dance moves as well!

PS – It’s posts like these that Niko may one day roll his eyes over! Ha. I sometimes wonder: what will he think of this blog, and the fact that I’ve meticulously documented every “milestone” for the world to see? Time will tell I guess.

Note: Have you ever been certain of song lyrics in your head only to find out years later that you’ve been singing along with the wrong words? I’m sure it’s happened to everyone at least once! Anyway, I had one of those moments today when I was looking up the You Tube clip for “Can’t Stop” by After 7. All these years I’d been grooving to the words: “I’m looking at you, you’re looking at me, we’re looking at we, etc…” But now I’ve discovered the error in my ways: replace all “looking”s with “digging”s. Oopsy. Anyway, for the sake of the adorable Nikolena Swing Team I’m leaving the clip in here, seeing as I honestly thought “looking” was in the lyrics and it just fits so nicely with the pics!

I’m looking at you

You’re looking at me

We’re looking at we

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Frasier’s frolicking in the bog and Niko’s swinging for the first time. There’s a couple of play parks behind my house and one of them has two baby swings. Seeing as Little Lena had been swinging her heart out, and Niko is one month her senior I figured he might enjoy it too.

So, Niko, Frasier and I headed out to the park. I tried to burn off some of Frasier’s energy by throwing him the ball with the ChuckIt many times over, before we headed to the bog/swing area, thinking if he was tired he might be less inclined to splash in the water, come out and spin in the sand and then repeat (to infinity). But boy was I wrong. As soon as he spotted the mallard and the duck it was full speed ahead to the water. Thank goodness the ducks flew away in time; I’m not sure how I would have reacted had they not.

Anyway, as Frasier was splashing-spinning-running and repeating, Niko was having a really great time on the swing. At first he was a little unsure, but after a few gentle pushes he couldn’t help but smile as he glided through the air, with the wind blowing through his wisps (see his third pic below). When I was a kid my favourite thing at the park was the swings – it’s just such a good feeling: the gliding, the flying, being up in the air, and that moment of weightlessness at the farthest height you can reach, right before gravity pulls you back toward the earth.

All in all Niko’s first time was a great success, and more swing time is in his near future. Now, if I can only stop Frasier from spinning in the bog! But I think that’s impossible.

Guaranteed Recipe for Sandy Floors: Take one frolicking poodle, add some bog water, put him on the spin cycle in the sand and repeat. Works every time! (For further instructions, see pics below.)

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