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In the last couple of weeks Borys and I have noticed big changes in our little guy. I mean he’s growing all the time, and we really noticed and both made comments specifically about how his face is changing. He just looks more mature or something.

Then yesterday our thoughts were confirmed when I brought him to my friend Natalie’s baby shower. There were about five babies there in total. The woman sitting next to me (who also had six babies of her own once upon a time, and now countless grandkids) took a good look at Niko and said something like, “Wow, he looks like a little boy. That baby look just isn’t there anymore.” I had to agree, but to hear someone else qualify our thoughts made it more real. Our little guy is growing up: I just keep in mind that so far his worldly experience totals less than seven months. So regardless of his “mature” look he’s still our little babe – or as I like to call him, my Sweet Little Angel Boy.

As an aside, Niko has started sitting up on his own. I usually put a pillow behind him just in case he loses his balance – even though when he does, it’s pretty much a slow motion fall, as if his abs are saying “Wait! Maybe we can stay up. M-a-y-b-e we can keep him up…” That is until the final slo mo *kerplunk*.

Note: Click here to see how much Niko’s hair has changed in the last few weeks!

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