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Along with feeding a baby comes the art of learning to burp one.  Will you burp your baby over your shoulder, over your knee, in a sitting position, or in some other newfangled way? Should your baby burp once, twice or for a set amount of time? Or perhaps your baby should burp the alphabet before settling down for a nap? Well, not really, but burping can be a challenge.  My sister Carolyn’s friend just adopted a baby in East Timor and her friend has been reading up about burping and particularly reading one book that states that the need to burp a baby is a myth! The book apparently goes on to say that a lot of cultures do not believe in burping and do not practice it.  Hmm,  I am not sure about that one, for now I will just continue on this burping learning curve of fun!

I was talking to my other sister Marion yesterday and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Do all babies spit up when they burp?

Marion: Well, no.  But all babies DO burp.  Some are dry burpers (which all three of her kids were), some are wet burpers and some are projectilers.

Me: Projectile burping! What?! I think mine is definitely a wet burper.

That said, it is just a matter of time between when Niko eats and then burps a juicy one! It’s just that burping takes time…and at 4am, I would sort of rather be sleeping.  For example, last night at 4, after he’d eaten AND burped, I lied him down to go back to sleep.  But, oh no, he had something else in mind.  It was another hour before he finally went back to sleep and countless times of me getting up, getting him up, trying different burping strategies, lying him back down, and then a couple of minutes later only to repeat the above cycle!

Despite the middle of the night frustrations, whenever I look down at that precious little baby (a.k.a. my son), I am in complete awe of what a wonder it is to have a baby!

One thing’s for sure, having a baby sure is a gas!  🙂

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