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You see the “moose danger” signs all over Highway 60 but hardly ever actually see any moose. Those signs are everywhere though, but the only moose I ever see (which ends up being about one a summer) are drinking water not too far from the highway. (Well, except for that one time we saw the dead on one the side of the road, but that’s another story.) And you usually know the moose is there before you even see it yourself, because there are cars stopped on both shoulders and people out with their cameras snapping away. I also hear that every year people have fatal collisions with these massive beasts, but again, this is something (thank goodness) that I have never experienced first hand.

The closest I’ve ever come to a moose, or for that matter colliding with one, happened last weekend. Borys, Dziadzio, Niko and I were piled in to our hatchback and traveling toward my parents’ cottage. Seeing as our friends Jamie and Chris were getting married at a place called Port Severn lodge and we were coming from Ottawa, we decided to split up the drive by staying at the cottage on Friday night, leaving us only a two hour drive for the day of the wedding. Dziadzio graciously tagged along as our in-house babysitter. So while Borys and I were at the ceremony, dinner and dance, Dziadzio and Niko were hanging out in the hotel room. It was actually really convenient because everything was within walking distance and Borys and I could easily check on Niko (and Dziadzio).

Anyway, back to the moose…

So as we were nearing the cottage and time was creeping close to midnight, we could see a figure up ahead and off to the side of the road. As we got closer we had to completely stop our car on the highway: thank goodness there was no other traffic, otherwise the results could have been tragic! Anyway, we came to a complete stop and the moose was about a metre or two in front of our car. It was as if we were having a standoff: our eyes peering out (and up) at hers and she squinting into the headlights and right into our car. Then she backed up so she was square in front of us and turned to face us directly! For as second we all thought she was going to charge, but I think she was probably just stunned from what was going on, as well as by the high beams. Anyway, she broke out of her reverie (didn’t charge us) and clambered off to the side of the highway! Craziness!

Note: The picture of the moose below is not the actual moose we saw, just a random cute pic of a moose with her baby.

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