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10 month old Niko is certainly keeping us busy. Based on my observations over the last few weeks I thought for sure he would be crawling by now, but actually he is still just “almost” there. He’s getting pretty good at maneuvering from side to side and can inch his way backwards, as well as hold up his body in a crawling position, but for now he sort of just reaches around and moves about in about a two or three foot radius.

His sleep patterns are regular only in their irregularity. He will sleep through the night for a few weeks and then revert to waking up once or twice, which is his current trend: except for last night when he slept straight from 7:30 pm to 6:30 am. Keep it up, Baby!

The other day I went to check on him while he was sleeping and couldn’t get over how long his body appeared while he was just lying there in his crib. It’s crazy to think that he has almost quadrupled his body weight since he was born! That’s a whole lot of growing in just 10 months.

Note: This is part of a series of blog entries that were inspired when Niko wore the bear’s mini karate gi as a Halloween costume. Since then I have used the bear and the costume to document his growth at three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and now eleven months.

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