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52 Weeks in the Kitchen

Posted on: March 14, 2012

Has Pinterest changed my life? Well, if this latest endeavour goes through I will have to say yes!

I have committed myself to 52 Weeks in the Kitchen – with my toddler and baby as my willing sous chefs. In the coming weeks, we will work our way up to a year in new recipes. Baking our way through the year, until 52 new recipes have passed. I have to agree with Tidy Mom that baking with your toddler or just kids in general, despite their age is a great way to spend time together. Not to mention providing an opportunity to reap the benefits of the delectable rewards awaiting us at the end of our labour!

Week one, two and three have already come and gone. And only Pinterest holds the secret to what will come in week four and beyond. Yes, all the recipes have come and will come from Pinterest. I LOVE THAT SITE – some may say slightly addicted…

Week 1: Strawberry Cake (So easy! So good!)

Week 2: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (We didn’t have enough bananas, so I subbed some strawberries and blueberries. The result? YUM! – although a slightly longer cooking time was required.)

Week 3: Carrot Applesauce Cookies (No whole wheat flour, so we subbed the regular kind and again, YUM! and SO MOIST!)

9 Responses to "52 Weeks in the Kitchen"

What an awesome idea! I don’t involve my two-year-old in baking as much as I probably should.

Thanks! It’s messy. It’s time consuming. But if you plan for it and just accept the spills that are bound to happen, it’s a lot of fun and YUMMY!

How do you keep a 2 year old engaged in the kitchen while you do what has to be done? I haven’t figured that part out yet…

hahahah….just plan for it taking lots of time. Mostly, my little guy just likes to put the ingredients on the counter, dump them in the bowl, lick the spoons and all this intermingled with him playing with his Cars…so far no Cars in the oven…phewf!

ah, ha ha! Of course… TIME. I’ll work on that!!

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