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The Precursor to Bedlam

Posted on: December 7, 2011

When all’s quiet in the kitchen it’s time for some parental investigation. Afterall, quiet in toddler terms is only a precursor to bedlam, right?

And all I see upon my arrival…

Yes! Those are toddler toes peeking out from under an open fridge door. Not a good sign…

PS – Niko was just in there quietly giggling to himself. Looks like I averted disaster in the nick of time!

6 Responses to "The Precursor to Bedlam"

while cedic sits on my lap and almost pokes his eye out with the fluffy decoration-thing attached to the pencil …. i cannot help and laugh out loud at your blog — a giggle followed with an ‘oh my !!!!!’ …. you will have the greatest memories captured in this blog and on your camera for niko to view when he (and you!) is older!!
ps. you must have to keep your camera with you at all times …. to capture these perfect moments.

we have two cameras…and much to Borys’ chagrin at least one, if not both take up permanent residency on our kitchen counter top – chagrin only bcs b is worried they will succumb to their demise there, amongst the crumbs and counter splashes of daily kitchen living – so in short: yes, the camera is usually close at hand!

And yet the first thing you do is grab the camera! Aren’t priorities awesome!

hahhaha. busted.
yes, thank you for pointing out the priorities of my priorities! 🙂

Fridge: $***.**, food inside the fridge: $***.**, having the camara on hand to take a picture of his adventurous mischief: Priceless!

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