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I Doth My SOCKS to You

Posted on: December 2, 2011

Niko has an interesting way of telling us he’s done his supper.

Step 1) Push chair away from table as far as possible, using the fullest reach of hands and feet against the table to propel to the furthest distance.

Step 2) Grab sock and rip it off.

Step 3) Repeat on other side.

Step 4) Scatter socks on the floor below, while delighting in newfound foot freedom.

With such a show of respect, Niko can only be demonstrating me how much he likes my cooking, right?

And so it is that this habit has developed. As soon as I see that first table push-off with his hands, I pretty much know it’s game over. Unless of course, I tempt him with cookies or ice cream, but that’s not a daily occurrence. And over time this habit has evolved. He used to struggle with his socks, until he discovered that biting the toes really provided that extra torque needed to successfully de-sock himself independently. But that strategy wasn’t sitting too well with Mommy and Daddy, so after a few nights of encouragement he finally figured out how to get the pull he needed by using his hands alone, sans teeth! Phewf.

Anyway, for now it’s socks off to signal the end of dinner time. And we’re left with a barefoot toddler for the remainder of the evening while the spoils of his labour remain scattered on the floor, usually until the next morning.

Pull ‘Em

Typical: Post Supper

10 Responses to "I Doth My SOCKS to You"

Good job Niko! Your one stop ahead to growing :). I remember my nephew when he finished eating his launch he just shout.. I’m finish Aunt hehehe…

It’s funny to see these little quirks develop 🙂

It’s fun to watch the little things their personalities develop. When my oldest was a toddler, we could always tell when she particularly liked something served to her. She would do this little wiggly chair dance. To this day, at 7 years old, we’ll still catch her wiggling in her seat when she’s eating something she enjoys!

They’re so funny these little characters! Agreed – sometimes I just wish his socks would stay on a little longer (ie: that he would eat a little more…) Cuz once those socks are off – it au revoir to the dinner plate! Despite all the coaxing that may occur…

PS – thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

Trin does the exact same thing but with more kicking

hahhaha….these little tykes are so cute.

Maybe occasionally he’ll go to bed on a half empty stomach but at least he’ll have his teeth in the morning to wage war against the cheerios

lol that’s pretty funny. I wonder how long it will last

who knows…but for now, he also enjoys noticing his socks on the floor the next day at breakfast “mama mama, niko’s sock on floor! hahahahah.” (yes, he refers to himself in the third person!)

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