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5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Posted on: October 18, 2011

1) Sleeping Niko: I know he’s not got long left in this prison bed (aka crib), and when I check on him each night I can’t help but smile at this uber-peaceful side of my usually full-of-energy-toddler-man. Update: Since I first penned this draft, Niko has moved into a big-boy bed.

2) Dziadzio started walking Frasier: As I continue down my pregnancy path (29 weeks and counting- woot woot), I continue to refrain from what used to be daily activities. Seeing as Dziadzio is here every day to help pick up Niko from daycare, I approached him about walking the dog too. His first attempt resulted in heavy panting and lots of water drinking – from the pooch, not Dziadzio! Perfect!

3) A Finished Malkovich Room: There’s a room in our house that used to be a garage. Upon moving in last year we discovered it was 4 degrees colder than the rest of the house, in the winter. We hired a contractor, got it re-insulated and presto it’s done! At least the contractor’s part. Now on with the painting… Note: We “affectionately” call this space “the Malkovich room” because of its low ceiling. It seems its transformation from garage to indoor space, resulted in a lift in the floor, which ultimately dwarfed the room. If you’ve seen the movie, Being John Malkovich, you’ll get the reference…

4) Lena‘s 2nd Birthday Party: lion ears and face paint included.

5) I found a side table for our living room! Bye bye tipping-hazard-table, hello stable table!

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[…] 4) Borys finished painting the Malkovich room. (See item #3 for further explanation). […]

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